Gotham S3 E8 Mad City:Blood Rush

The city of Gotham is coming apart at the seams  for some and going swimmingly for others. This episode starts with a murder which Barnes sees the criminal run from. Barnes might be sane sometimes but with Alice Tetch or the Mad Hatter’s sisters blood flowing through him anything goes. The criminal tells him he is a cleaner of corpses  and Barnes begins to lose it, and the title pops up.

Lee and her husband to be are excited for their engagement party thrown by his father Carmine Falcone. She tells him that Jim is returning to the GCPD and that she loves him and not Jim.

Jim is home, back at the GCPD Harvey tells him to come because crime is afoot.

Nygma and his lady love who is the spitting image of his first girlfriend Kristen Kringle are enjoying life.She is off to a librarian conference and he will certainly miss her.When she puts on her back up glasses she looks like Kristen and that freaks him out. In the bathroom he imagines her in his mirror, and she tells him he will eventually kill Isabella.

Jim and Harvey are there to find out what happened to a victim and it is the man that we find Barnes decimated off screen. Barnes is talking to the Mad Hatter who calls on his sister and the blood seems to react. Troubling things are happening and I am curious how this will all play out.

Barnes wants to beat it, but the Mad Hatter won’t help him unless he tells him his darkest secrets. The Hatter tells him it is clearly rage and that there is a cure but it is only to succumb. He tells him he will lose himself when he hears the voices. Barnes vows to make things right but will he.

Jim goes to see Lee and they talk about themselves and her upcoming party. She tells him at the crime scene whoever did the crime knew what he was doing as he removed the mans face with tools precisely.

Barnes talks to Jim and Harvey and soon goes off to find the boss of the man he mutilated. Nygma talks to Penguin about Isabella and Penguin tries to lead him to break up with her. Nygma tells him to break up with her for him gently and he accepts. Barnes goes to find the Toad and beats him and his guards to submission.Barnes finds out about who is in charge and almost kills the Toad but soon forces him to take him to his leader.

Penguin gleefully shows up at Isabella’s door to break the news to her. He breaks up with her rather viciously yet somewhat beautifully in a way. Isabella stands her ground because she can tell he loves Nygma as well. She sends him off and looks at the glasses that reminded Nygma of Kristen.

Barnes goes to the leader who removes the faces, truly a sick man. Barnes begins to hear the voices in his head and his actions are unknown as it cuts to Gordon. Gordon talks with Lucius and Bullock about the man Barnes killed, his head was removed from its body. Barnes luckily brings in the doctor who removes the faces and tells Gordon he hasn’t found the murderer of Pauly Pennies. In his office he contemplates what he should do as he places his badge and gun on his desk.

Lee and Mario’s engagement party is quite a formal affair. Even Babs is there and is told to leave, questioning if she wants Jim still. Lee tells her no because she loves Mario. Barnes comes to congratulate her and ends up having a drink. Gordon and Lucius are talking about the murder and Bullock comes to tell him that the head criminal was let free. Falcone and Barnes talk and Barnes is angered because he isn’t in jail. Falcone can tell Barnes is really trying to make himself feel better about his recent actions. He is about to turn himself in when he sees the Doctor and wants to kill him.

Nygma goes to see Isabella at her behest and is dressed up as Kristen. She makes him face his fears and he kisses her. I am glad that they are happy at least for the moment.

Jim and Bullock arrive at Lee’s party to find the vicious Doctor. Mario and Jim talk about Lee and Jim tells him to lose the jealousy before Mario  punches him in the face. Barnes corners the doctor in the bathroom and talking about his psyche, and pushes him through the wall as he is Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

Penguin waits for Ed and Ed tells him he is back with Isabella. Penguin had one of his goons cut her brake line and she soon killed in her car by a train. Nygma is going to be devastated, I hope this blows up in Penguin’s face.

Barnes appears after killing the doctor and tells Jim they are going to change this city.He is going to do a lot of killing it seems. Gordon finds the doctor half alive and he tells him Barnes did it.


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