Life in Pieces S2 E2


Tim attempts to help himself to a cinnamon bun and is rebuffed because of his cholesterol. He goes to work and brings Cinnabon because it is his world. His doctor’s office isn’t working right since his receptionist quit. Heather comes in to see him and begins to work for him.

Heather finds out Tim has been taking his office to Dave and Buster’s every week. Heather, wants to change this and have the family go to Dave and Buster’s instead going with his practice.

Tim feigns being upset that Heather’s last day is upon them and Heather tell him that she can now be their permanently.


Tim is outside after locking himself out of the house when he sees his mother in law Joan. He points her in the direction of a Pot store. She has to much of the pot jam and is of course stoned. After this moment Joan changes herself and begins smoking pot regularly. Martin Mull appears in his recurring role and Joan gets high with him leading to a bad trip for her.

Joan gives up her pot goods to Tim who eats all of the jam and loses his mind because he is so high. Quite humorous to see characters act out of the norm.


Greg doesn’t want to vote because he has never voted in an election. Using their daughter as leverage she guilts him into doing it. A voting sticker is pointed out on his shoe and he acts like he did vote getting a free drink. Of course when he posts an election day selfie on Instagram and is found to be a fraud by his wife.

He decides to head down to the polling place but won’t remove his sticker. He is given the okay and votes finally for the first time in his life.


At their place the newly engaged couple are having a nice time until she begins feeling cramped. Going to the doctor’s office Matt finds out that his girlfriend can only go to the bathroom at home and hasn’t been doing it since they moved in together.

She comes home to find flower petals leading to their bathroom. Matt gives his blessing to her so she knows she can go to the bathroom.  He carries her into the bathroom and almost watches her go to the bathroom but they realize this is too weird.



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