Once Upon a Time SN6 E7 – Heartless


Alright.  So here’s how it all went down.

The Evil Queen demanded that Snow and David give up their heart (no not plural, remember they share one heart between them) or she would use water from The River of Lost Souls on the whole town.  Everyone is in despair until The Blue Fairy shows up and says they need a sapling created from the first spark of a true love.

Throughout the quest to retrieve the sapling, we see scenes of Snow and Charming’s life before the curse, and we learn that when she robbed him wasn’t the first time they met!  When they did meet, they didn’t know what the other looked like, and that’s where the sapling was made.  However, once they find the sapling, the Evil Queen shows up and breaks it.  So, the Charmings have to hand over their heart.

I admit that I kind of saw the outcome from a mile away.

Now, we have to see how Team Charming … or is it Team Swan?  Anyway, we have to see how they fix the whole one is sleeping while the other is awake thing, because the Evil Queen is on a roll!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the whole Rumple/Evil Queen/Zelena triangle thing.  Zelena caught Rumple and Queenie kissing!  (did that bother anyone but me?)  And, she didn’t hesitate to tell Belle.  This is getting gooooood.

So for now, Evil reigns in Storybrooke.

And next week doesn’t look any better for Team Charming Swan….


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