Son of Zorn S1 E6 ‘A Tale of Two Zorns’

Alan, Zorn’s son walks into the room and sees his dad on the floor, but soon finds out he is his robot clone. Zorn tries to leave work and is soon tasked with working on a project with a co worker he hates.

Alan is really close to Craig and Zorn works with his coworker to figure out how to make Alan like him. He soon brings robot Zorn to his work so he can replace him. Zorn and Alan head to the game event to get the new game Alan wants because Zorn thinks of it as a quest. He might be a weird guy but he really does want to be a good father. Though this will blow up in his face since he is letting his son skip school and not telling his mom.

Zorn and Alan go through the line and Alan is weirded out by his dad as usual. Zorn’s robot and his coworker Todd connect because of what the robot says randomly. Todd thinks Zorn actually cares about what he is saying.

The robot ends up screwing up and his boss Linda calls his ex-wife. Edie fixes the robot and connects with his boss Linda on their annoyance with Zorn.

At the game store Craig appears because he wants to get the game for Alan. Zorn is of course annoyed with him appearing.

Linda and Edie talk  and drink enjoying each others company. Zorn goes to work to pick up his robot, and bumps into Todd who thinks they are friends. Zorn tells him he is looking for his robot and heads off.

Edie and Linda drink and beat up robot Zorn. Linda kisses the bot before Alan and Craig walk in. When Craig beats the bot with a frying pan, Edie attempts to fix it and activates it’s detonation mode.

Todd freaks out on Zorn but Zorn rebuffs him before heading home to destroy the robot. Alan and Craig team up and take out the robot by pouring wine on it. Alan and Zorn go and get pizza to make up for it and  the episode ends with the bot’s last words.

Another weird episode, yet one that still had some depth. It was interesting seeing the character’s try to hang out. Alan and Zorn are so different and Craig works will well with Alan which Zorn just hates. Interesting to see the two women in Zorn’s life as friends, life just got harder for Zorn I am sure.



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