Son of Zorn-S5 E5 ‘A Taste of Zephyria’

Zorn is in the office playing Minesweeper when a coworker disrupts him laughing hard. He shows him this terrible comedy about Zephyrians and this upsets Zorn to his core being a Zephyrian himself. I think its humorous that he thinks its really racist.

Zorn makes his son wear a special belt from Zephyria so he can show some respect for his nation. A friend of Alan’s named Layla is obviously interested in him and he isn’t sure what to do.

Alan asks his friend out for coffee and to do some work and she is totally up for it. Suddenly Zorn comes and steals Alan away with a lie, because of course Alan can’t be happy can he? At a Zephyrian restaurant Alan gets a text from Layla.

Zorn hates the Zephyrian restaurant because it is rather terrible and brings Alan home. Edie goes to talk to the neighbors about their talking gnome and Zorn comes to drop Alan off. Angered by the restaurant he destroys a trash can, and soon, the neighbors take the gnome in.

Alan once again invites Layla to hang out and watch a movie. Edie uses the neighbors fear of Zorn to get a few changes from the neighbors. Taking Layla to his father’s house he finds his father “bringing” Zephyria to him using Craig’s idea.

Zorn shows off his culture to Layla and Alan and it is rather odd. Layla is taken over by an evil spirit and hit in the face with a tongue from his instrument made of throats. She leaves when he yells at his dad, and goes outside to talk to her. When she is about to leave a harpoon launches out of his Zephyrian belt.

Edie’s lie comes out about Zorn being her fiance and the gnomes come back in full force. Alan proves to Zorn that he sort of cares for his culture and the belt is removed. Edie is watching Alan and Zorn be close when her neighbor calls, soon bashing Zephyrians. She finally takes out her Zephyrian weapon and destroys the gnome once and for all.

What an interesting and somewhat powerful episode. Zorn really is upset that there is so much racism towards Zephyrians. This show keeps pulling me back for more and that is good as it is so weird.


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