The Expanse: S1 Ep 10: Leviathan Awakes

As I said in the last post on Ep 9: Critical Mass, this episode picks up right where the last one left off. So I won’t waste any time either.

Another quick flashback.

We see Dresden is still taking samples of the virus from Julie Mao’s dead body. He lets on that Julie’s father knows about and is in on the Eros Station experiments.

Eventually, Dresden leaves Eros. On his ship, we see him watching the aftermath of the radiation and the virus spreading. He forwards the video of the dying citizens to this superiors.

Miller and Holden are getting desperate.

Miller and Holden are in a desperate search for anything to stem the effects of radiation poisoning. They get some and then head for the docks of Eros to meet up with Naomi, Alex, and Amos. As they make their way to The Rocinante, they try to figure out why they citizens of Eros are being radiated.


They’re getting sicker and sicker. The radiation is causing their insides to literally melt. Worse, neither of them knows where they’re going. As they search for a route, they enter a square where they find some police setting up equipment. They find refuge in an abandoned game room and while there, Miller begins to hallucinate from the radiation poisoning.

Suddenly, a policeman decides to check out the game room. With no other options, Miller has to quickly take action. He kills the policeman before Holden can stop him. It’s clear Holden is beginning to understand what kind of man Miller really is.

Using the dead policeman’s communicator to learn where other patrols are, they’re able to keep out of site. While they’re trying to figure out what the instruments were that the police were setting up in the square, the Eros station public transport pods reactivate. Miller and Holden are excited at first but only find more sick citizens inside. The citizens are all covered with the same virus as Julie Mao. Miller and Holden realize the virus is being spread on purpose.

En route to the docks and The Rocinante the two of them are confronted by another police patrol. Once again, Miller quickly takes care of the patrol with no remorse.

They take the clothes from the patrolmen so they can move about Eros easier. As they roam the deserted streets, they come across Kenzo, the stowaway they crossed paths with earlier. Kenzo is trying to get to the docks, too and asks Holden for help. Kenzo is desperate, knowing that staying on Eros is a death sentence but Holden doesn’t care. He chases Kenzo off. This time Miller witnesses the ruthless side of Holden.

Eventually, they reach the entrance to the docks where they find there is another standoff. It seems CPM has recruited a bunch of former OPA operatives, thugs, and gangsters to act as security for them. But now that CPM is finishing their experiments on Eros, they no longer need the conscripted security team so CPM is not allowing them to escape Eros.

Somehow Miller and Holden need to get through to The Rocinante. They cause a diversion which quickly escalates between the CPM guards and the former thugs. During the chaos, they make their way through to the elevator to the docks.

Finally, they try to get in touch with The Rocinante but are unable to reach anyone. Holden assumes Naomi followed his orders and took off without them.  Stuck at the doors to the docks, they collapse, unable to walk, dying from the radiation poisoning.

At the last minute…the doors open and Amos pops his head out.

How Naomi, Amos, and Alex reach The Rocinante.

After the shootout in front of the docks, Naomi, Alex,  Amos, and Semi reach the same conclusion about Eros Station that Miller and Holden have reached: something bad is going on.

Still stuck outside of the docks, Naomi tells the group she can guide them through the underground shafts that the OPA operatives use to move around. Eventually, they’re joined by some Eros citizens.

As they make their way through the tunnels, they can hear the suffering of the radiated citizens in the streets above. They begin to doubt Naomi knows where she’s going. Soon, she begins to doubt herself, too.

Eventually, they get through the tunnels and the blocks put up to distract anyone down there and reach the docks and The Rocinante.


While on board, there is a disagreement between Naomi, Semi, and Amos. Semi and Amos want to leave immediately, but Naomi insists on waiting for Holden. The disagreement ends with Semi being killed. So they wait.

While they are waiting, Alex intercepts the transmission of Dresden’s video recordings to his superiors. He’s able to track where the transmission is going.

Off to Season 2.

As we already know, Miller and Holden do reach The Rocinante and are on their deathbeds. Luckily, The Rocinante has adequate medical supplies to help Miller and Holden recover.

As the two of them recover, Alex blasts them out of the locked docking bay doors and The Rocinante speeds away to…Safety? Mystery? Danger? Whatever happens, they’re heading to the location that Dresden’s files were sent to.

Earth and Avarasala.

Avarasala has been trying to investigate deeper into the fusion drives. She’s invited to a briefing where Undersecretary Errinwright will explain the origins of the drives and how they got to Tycho Station. He wants to show that Fred Johnson has something to do with it all. Although Avarasala does not believe Errinwright, but plays along.

While Errinwright is inviting Avarasala to the briefing, Julie Mao’s father walks up and is introduced to her.

Later, as Avarasala is home talking with her husband, she tells him she suspects a deeper conspiracy and that Undersecretary Errinwright is at the heart of it.

Season 1 ends…


…with the lonely Kenzo exploring the now deathly quiet streets of Eros Station. He comes across the virus floating in the air, slowly spreading through the station. It’s also evolved. It’s able to mimic Kenzo’s form. Then tentacles shoot out and pull him into the center of its body…



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