The Last Man on Earth S3 E5 ‘The Power of Power’

The group finds themselves in a huge building where the power still works somehow. The building is amazing and even has food. Something they are most excited for is working toilets and Tandy tells them they are home.

Lewis is a stick in the mud but finally concedes to living there. They are awoken by Tandy driving around in a small car. The gang splits up each taking a floor and Todd ends up staying with Melissa. They are having a blast when the power goes out.

Tandy and Carol are having dinner on their floor over a long dinner table ala Citizen Kane. They talk about seeing if they can fix the power so they can keep living here. Tandy goes to fix the power but isn’t successful of course. Gail breaks up with Todd so he can help Melissa as the power actually turns on.

Tandy and Todd talk about his break up and Todd feels like he doesn’t even have Melissa. An art piece falls from the ceiling and almost crushes Carol. Tandy fines wire cutters and knows Lewis is trying to make them leave.

Tandy confronts him and Lewis walks off annoyed. Todd goes to talk to Melissa and lets her know Gail dumped him. She hugs him which is one of the first actual human things she has done in a while, its good that she loves him.

Tandy finds Lewis in the bathroom and tells him he is watching him. Tandy and Todd are showering when their water stops and he runs to find Lewis. Tandy is about to eject Lewis when it comes out Carol is behind it all. Of course Tandy is made to be the ass once more.

Tandy makes a house for Carol after putting her in the stocks for punishment.Todd sees Melissa again and finds she burned her shirts but wants to have a baby with him. Things are as weird as they always are wherever these weirdos are and that is part of what makes this show great.


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