The Last Man on Earth S5 E4 ‘Five Hoda Kotbs’

Our favorite last people on Earth are on a road trip to find a new place to live.Gail is asleep in a self driving car and won’t respond to her friends. Gail and Todd get into a fight about her keeping her giant doll of her ex.

Carol creates a golden gate bridge out of Twizzlers. Melissa has clearly lost it and that is great as she used to be just one of the most put together people. We find out that Louis is gay, and Tandy is ecstatic that they have a gay Asian in their group.

They reach their destination which is San Francisco, though they find it totally uninhabitable. We find out that our main hero Tandy destroyed the city two years ago when he was gallivanting around solo. I love seeing Tandy doing crazy things as he can literally do anything in this dilapidated world.

Tandy wants to bond with Louis but it isn’t working as well as he thinks it is. Todd and Gail continue fighting about their relationship. Melissa wakes up and glares at them and they desist. The cars continue to break down until the whole group is forced to ride with Tandy.

Gail soon realizes she can’t keep going on with the group do to the tension. She decides she wants to head off to Napa on her own as they are in a derelict hardware store. As they are about to head out they are alerted by Melissa about a huge lit building. It looks like they found a new place to live.

I am glad that these people have found somewhere to live, curious to see how things play out. We shall see what happens in ‘The Power of Power’.


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