The Odd Couple ‘I Kid You Not’

Oscar and his girlfriend’s son are playing videogames as Oscar and his girlfriend talk about them. Teddy comes into ask if his kid can go to their building for Halloween. Felix of course has been against Halloween giving out dental floss instead of candy.

Emily is living with Oscar’s assistant Dani and she has gone all out to decorate for Halloween. Felix is going to plan a night of Halloween fun and do a haunted tour of the building. He ropes Emily and in to help them out.

Oscar goes to see Charlotte and asks to take Evan trick or treating. Charlotte isn’t sure Oscar  can do it, but he gets her to give him a chance.

Felix is ready for a night of Halloween fun and Oscar wants to join in because Felix is so straight-laced. Felix finds a mini me as he begins his tour. Oscar tries to be mature and not let his girlfriend’s son Evan throw water balloons of the roof.

The tour is not going off well, even though Felix is trying his best. All of the kids run away except the Felix like kid. Oscar finds a person wearing the same costume as Evan and gets him to come back to his place, good thing it was Teddy’s son.

Felix gives up the rest of the tour and opens his case to give his new young friend candy. Of course the boy wants something healthy. Felix helps him realize it is okay to be a kid.They decide to have fun, even if they both don’t really know what fun is.

Oscar finds that Evan is back at home and doles out his first punishment. He gets some candy and is happy. Felix rigs up a ghost which actually frightens the kids when he pulls out a fake heart. Felix has forgotten his assistants and they run out of their hiding spot fearing something scurrying around the floor.

Felix has his first candy bars and is not that impressed. Teddy’s son comes out and finds out they have eaten his candy, of course he isn’t happy about this.


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