The Odd Couple S3 E4 -‘ Taffy Days ‘

Oscar is having his father’s wake was rather hard for Oscar. Oscar feels better that he did reconnect with him before his death. Oscar’s friends will miss him too and clearly Oscar will and of course he does too. He talks to his lawyer.

Oscar talks to his father’s lawyer who is played by Ron Howard. He has to go scatter his ashes behind his father’s first factory and do it in front of his father’s old business partner. Of course when he heads out, Felix follows and joins in on the road trip.

Oscar goes to Patti’s house but she doesn’t live there as it is her mother’s house. She writes down her address and he heads off to see her. He finds that Patti isn’t there from her sister Vivian who is played by Cindy Williams.

They head off to the bar that Pattie frequents and find she is not there from the bartender played by Mork and Mindy Actress Pam Dawber. At the bar they meet two more of his father’s friends played Anson Williams and Don Most.

They meet Patti who is played by Penny Marshall and find she is still running his dad’s first factory. Oscar and Felix have a fight and the ashes fall into a vat of watermelon taffy. He goes outside and pours out the ashes with Patti and Felix. He says a heartfelt speech and pours the taffy into the river. Patti tells them the fight that split them up was about naming taffy and she apologizes to him. Oscar thinks that him sending Oscar was his apology too.

Oscar and Felix soon flee the scene when they see lights in the distance as it looks like they are disposing of a body. They head home and find their friends passed out but and they wake up. It was quite the episode and a nice tribute to a great man Garry Marshall.


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