The Simpsons S28 E6’There Will Be Buds’

Its the opening day of Peewee Football and the town is closed so everyone can see the game. The kids don’t actually get hurt at all but the parents freak out when there is too much fog. The Peewee Football league is ended because the kids probably won’t make it to the pro league.

Kirk wants to tell them an idea about what they could do to replace the Peewee Football League. He suggests Lacrosse and show them Milhouse’s reflexes due to Lacrosse. They want him to coach but he will only do it with Homer’s help.

Homer is down on the sport until the team wins the first match. They have pizza because that is what team’s do after winning. Kirk tells Homer the story of his Lacrosse days and Homer still unsure about this friendship.

They travel for a Lacrosse tournament and Homer is weirded out by Kirk. Kirk wants to have adult fun because he has never had a male friend. The kids keep winning games and Homer is trying to be happy but he hates Kirk.

Homer gets home and goes for a walk. Soon they end up singing a song even though they are apart. Kirk saying how great it is to have a bro, while Homer laments  about he is awful. Soon they end up seeing each other as Homer tells what he really thinks of Kirk. Well looks like Homer has to fix this before the kids head to the Championship.

It’s the day of the big game and the team is ready though Kirk won’t show because of how Homer treated him. Kirk has taken all of the money out of their bank in one dollar bills. Homer goes to get him so the kids can play in the game.

He almost misses out on getting Kirk but he does end up saving the day with the help of the strippers. It is great seeing a story about Kirk that isn’t so sad as his stories are always a touch depressing. In the end the team wins the Championship and heads off for pizza. Homer and Kirk high five and break their wrists.They end up in the hospital and Homer is troubled by Kirk even more as the episode ends.


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