The Simpsons Season 28 S5 E5 ‘Trust but Clarify’

Homer and his family go to a museum and soon Homer ends up seeing the world as impressionistic art. A nice couch gag really, quite majestic really.

The episode begins with a parody of Making a Murderer revolving around Itchy of Itchy and Scratchy. Krusty soon appears on screen to peddle a candy, that is actually good unlike other things he has sold.

Homer’s ambition knocks out his apathetic side and alcoholic side. Homer now feels like he could do more if he changes up his look.

Kent Brockman is on a talk show, and performs a little Talking Heads.  Kent Brockman’s lies finally catch up to him and apologizes to the world. Right after this Brockman is fired and replaced by Arnie Pie.

Homer decides to get new clothes and of course asks for Marge’s help. Bart is out to prove Krusty’s candy is something good even though it is giving people awful side effects. Homer gets a fitted suit, and now feels like he can do anything.

Bart and Lisa sneak into Krusty’s factory and steal some chemicals to see what these candy’s are made of. Kent Brockman is looking for work but to no avail.

Homer shows off his new suit to his friends. The kids take their chemicals to Frink who finds the candy’s are filled with Formaldehyde. Brockman goes to work for a Buzzfeed type sight but isn’t what they are looking for, especially since they went bankrupt.

Homer goes to Burns for a promotion but is rebuffed because he thinks the suit is garbage.  Lisa brings her story about Krusty’s candy to Brockman who thinks he is unworthy to report any more. He heads to a former anchor support group.

Homer is about to continue trying to get a promotion when his other sensations take out his ambition and he goes to Moe. Brockman heads to show Krusty what his candy is doing to people who eat it. With this report he is back on top and has given up lying.

The Simpsons is such a classic show and it is good to see episodes based mostly on characters that don’t usually get the full spotlight. Kent Brockman really showed some depth in this episode and it was interesting see him at his lowest and highest in an episode.


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