We Bare Bears S2 E16 ‘Yuri and the Ice Bear’

This story revolving around our young friend Baby Ice Bear begins in the arctic. Trying to hunt is hard for such a diminutive bear and as he does hunt he finds a tent. The signs of life are everywhere so he freaks out when the door to the tent opens.The owner of the tent is not too thrilled to see him and chases him around the tent. Doing so he twists his ankle and Ice Bear feeling bad, gives him a bandage.

The man who happens to be Russian looks outside and sees hunters wearing Polar Bear Fur. He teaches Ice Bear how to help him.We are seeing the birth of the Ice bear we know and love.

He and his new friend Yuri become friends as he works for him. Alone in the tent Ice Bear opens the chest his friend told him never to open. In a meta moment he whistles the We Bare Bears Theme song to hide the fact he opened the chest.

Ice Bear makes a wooden horse just like the photo of Yuri’s family he found in the chest. This sets Yuri off, and he yells at Ice Bear to leave. Outside he steps in a bear trap and soon the hunters are upon him. Yuri saves him but their snow mobile’s engine overheats and they are trapped between an arctic river and the hunters. He chops a portion of ice and sends our little friend out to sea.

All Ice Bear has is Yuri’s axe  and  Ice Bear knows he can now handle anything. Ice Bear really is the best character on the show and it is cool seeing his past. I do hope to see the other bear’s pasts as well in the future.


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