We Bare Bears S2 E18 ‘Everyone’s Tube’

Someone is watching a YouTube like site. It starts with a video of Panda lip syncing to a song sung by a female singer similar to Taylor Swift. Of course Grizz works hard to break into the video as he needs constant attention.

The second video is of Grizz teaching dance moves. Though clearly he doesn’t know how to dance so he really just looks foolish. He soon kicks his laptop because its too close.

The third video is of Ice Bear  and Chloe finding a random piano on the side walk. They begin to play the piano together and it is rather nice. Ice Bear tends to be the most mature of the three bears of course. Chloe begins to sing as Ice Bear plays.

Next up is a video of Grizz trying to play a song on his keyboard, but it is so bad they stop the video.

Fifth up is Panda singing a love song about a girl he saw at a boba shop. The song is a little terrible but it is humorous seeing a panda sing to a human. He is playing basketball and doesn’t call her so she calls him. Of course this ends their relationship before it really begins. Soon though he brings her a puppy and they are together happily.

Another terrible Grizz video is stopped instantly. But next Ice Bear is seen dancing and doing the cleaning of the house since his brothers are out. Truly dancing and cleaning is a way to make cleaning fun! Suddenly he is outside flying with two clones before sitting back on the couch.

The person, whoever it is subscribes to their channel and they celebrate, soon breaking something. A weird episode in a different style than most. I liked the Youtube style of it actually. Many of the videos were pretty bad but I still enjoyed it.


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