We Bare Bears S2 E19 ‘Creature Mysteries’

A Park Ranger is at his desk when he hears the door jiggle. He cautiously walks to it and opens it not afraid at all of the bears. It appears Ranger Tabes of an older episode has called them in to help find an unknown creature. Clearly she is after Charlie, the bears Bigfoot friend.

She is going to give them flare guns to signal each other. Grizz leaves to help Charlie as Panda and Ice Bear keep Tabes busy. It would be a problem for Tabes to find Charlie and that he is a big foot. Grizz finds Tabes and saves him from a trap as the Tabes and his brothers drive to her trap.

Tabes is right behind Grizz and Charlie and they are still able to evade her. Ice Bear pushes Panda into a trap and Grizz and Charlie get away. Tabes has been looking for Charlie for years to prove herself to her mom and herself.

When she was younger she chased after Charlie and climbed up a cliff, falling off Charlie made sure she was okay. Of course her mother didn’t believe her. Grizz gets Charlie to their home but Charlie smells his favorite food cheese puffs and climbs on the roof setting off a trap. Ice bear runs off to get them to safety. Tabes is a crazy woman, it is always good seeing such a strong female character on TV.

As she passes out in the smoke cause by the flares Charlie saves her. When she wakes up Charlie is gone and she decides to forget about it. Charlie appears before her as a show of his existence and she drives off fulfilled.

Nice to see a story go full circle even in the briefness of an episode.




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