We Bare Bears S3 E17 ‘Icy Nights’

Ice Bear wakes up in the fridge and decides to head out to the market. He goes to the shed and takes his roomba out to the store riding on it. He parks his Roomba and gets his groceries, looking outside he sees a bunch of white collar goons playing with it. He knocks him off  the Roomba with a clap  of his hands as the goons steal his Roomba.

Ice Bear heads to an underground bar giving the bouncers Pizza Bagels. The place is run by a russian woman who clearly has feelings for Ice Bear. Using the card his friend gave him he gets into his foe’s headquarters.He finds that they are using his Roomba in a battle bots style event.

The Roomba is the strongest  bot around and when Ice Bear tries to jump in and save it, the guys tie him up. Since he won’t give up the tech guy forces him to face his Roomba in battle. Breaking his friend out of their control with a clap he soon finds himself faced with all the bots. Taking the axe from his bot he begins taking them out but is soon overpowered. He soon watches as they destroy his friend causing him to destroy all the bots single handedly.

When he lunges towards the man he finds out the man is just a hologram.  He heads home and fixes up the bot and is happy to have his friend back.

It looks like we are in for a villain arc on We Bare Bears. Even though Nom-Nom is somewhat villainous this guy really will be the first villain. Can’t wait to see what happens in this story and how Ice Bear will get his revenge.


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