Young Sheldon driven Big Bang Spin Off Coming 2017

The Big Bang Theory is clearly one of CBS’s greatest shows. It is certainly popular even as it is in the 10th season. The actors still love doing it and the creators don’t want it to end, the network clearly agrees.

It has been announced that we will now have a spin off centered on the life of the genius and break out character Sheldon. It really is interesting to me how they decided to do this but with such a popular show there was bound to be some sort of spin off.

The show will focus on Sheldon at the age of 12 and will clearly not have Jim Parsons in the lead role. His mother played by Laurie Metcalf should probably be a regular on this show though. I imagine Parsons could be the narrator of the show though maybe, but one never knows.

We don’t know much about this show except that it is coming. This should be an interesting show but only time will tell how interesting. I’ll just enjoy Big Bang Theory and wait and see what Chuck Lorre comes up for this new show.

I really do wonder who will play Sheldon and what other actors will appear in the show. Though clearly the other characters won’t be involved at all do to them not living in Texas. Though it would be interesting to see that maybe Leonard and Sheldon met at one point when they were young.

All I know is I’ll be keeping my eye out for news on this show, so stay tuned to Skatronixxx!


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