Lucifer SN02-EP07 ‘My Little Monkey’


Lucifer seemed to be back to his usual charming but obnoxious self in this week’s episode, and on the back of the news, Lucifer has been ordered for an extra nine episodes, making season 2 a full season with 22 episodes! It’s such an awesome show with talented actors and actresses portraying great characters so a big shout out to the cast, crew and writers on producing a stellar show. Right, let’s recap last week’s episode in case you missed it .

Lucifer SN2-EP6 ‘Monster’

Last  week we watched Lucifer start to unravel, consumed by guilt for ending his brother Uriel’s life in a bid to save his mother Charlotte and Chloe. Lucifer looking like a hot mess arrives late to the crime scene of a Zombie – themed wedding where the bride was gunned down and the husband injured by an unseen gunman, Chloe benched Lucifer and pleaded with him to speak to Dr Martin. Lucifer takes Chloe’s advice and talks to Dr Martin, she urges him, to tell the truth as she can’t help him if he is not truthful, so Lucifer shows Dr Martin his true face, and she is left in a state of shock.

SN02- EP07 ‘My Little Monkey’

This week as I said above our Devil seemed to be back to his charming but obnoxious self, Chloe (Lauren German) gets a call that man who killed her father is being released on family leave, Chloe catches up to the van, everyone is dead including the prisoner, Chloe steps aside on this case and Dan (Kevin Alejandro) and Lucifer (Tom Ellis) steps up to take over in a surprising team up, Lucifer want to feel “normal” and who better to model oneself on than Detective Douche (Dan), an odd choice considering how they feel about one another, but is did provide enjoyable viewing.


Tina Fields the convicted murders daughter, holds Chloe at gunpoint, but Chloe is able to defuse the situation quickly, she learns that there is a video of Joe Field the night of the murder that proves he didn’t kill Chloe’s father 16 years ago. Doucheifer and Dan are making an alright team as they try to find out the truth about Chloe’s father. The dynamic douche duo figures out that Joe traded a false confession for regular payments to his daughter, but he wasn’t the only one who agreed to do a false confession.

Officer Decker was a beat cop that what on to something which got him on the wrong person radar, and that was the prison’s warden, who had been setting up these men as fall guys. The warden escaped the prison. Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) has been struggling to find a job that she can do on Earth, board Maze goes hunting for the warden and holds him hostage for Chloe, Maze has found her perfect job, a bounty hunter, now doesn’t that fit her to a tee. Chloe pulls her weapon on the warden but spares his life so he can enjoy prison life and knowing that Officer Decker’s kid got him.


Maze visits Dr Martin again this time with exciting news that she has a job and they will pay her to hunt down people and she wants to celebrate with her friend, but Dr Martin still coming to terms with Lucifer being the Devil and Maze a Demon she slid the cheque back, as Maze starts to walk away Linda opens the door and it was heartwarming to see Maze have her friend back even if they are complete opposites, they work. Lucifer and Chloe have also had a heartwarming moment at the end as they embrace.


Check out the promo of next weeks’ episode of Lucifer SN2-EP08 ‘Trip To Stabby Town’ below

You can catch Lucifer Monday’s 9/8c on FOX. 


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