Arrow SN5 EP6 – So It Begins

Welcome back to your weekly recap of our favourite Star City vigilante, the Green Arrow, as he tries to save his city . Today’s episode is Episode 6 of Season 5, titled So It Begins.

– Flashback –

Anatoli sits with Oliver in a bar, trying to teach him how to make a bomb. It doesn’t go so well. Suddenly the bar is wrecked with gunfire, bottles explode, glass goes everywhere. Oliver tackles Anatoli to the ground, saving him. Anatoli explains it’s a declaration of war from Kovar. The Bratva then pose Oliver as a rich american buying property from Kovar in the hopes of bombing the building to the ground. Just when things are going well, Oliver and another Bratva are hit over the head knocking them out. When they awaken they’re tied to chairs and the other Bratva is killed by Kovar.

– Present –

Oliver and Diggle go on a secret mission to track Prometheus through a warehouse in Star City, with Felicity providing Overwatch. Prometheus leads them deep inside the warehouse, no sign of him of course, but he leaves Oliver a fiery message, ‘So it begins.’ Prometheus begins his killing spree by lodging throwing stars in seemingly random civilians. The local news picks up on the murders and causes panic in the city, claiming the Throwing Star killer is at large.

The rest of team arrow discovers that Oliver has been keeping Prometheus a secret, which angers them all. With not a lead to go on as to who Prometheus’ next target is, Felicity goes to the police station to try and talk to Billy about the evidence. When he gets called away, leaving the throwing star on his desk, she quickly steals it to do her own investigation.

At a busy market at night, the citizens go into a frenzied panic because they think Prometheus is there. Team Arrow swoops in to stop the frightened gun wielders from killing anyone and leads the civilians to safety. Thea discovers that Quentin never stopped drinking, finding a bottle of whiskey in his empty office. When he fails to pick up his phone yet again, she visits his house where she confronts him, telling him to go to an AA meeting before she leaves.

Thanks to a program Felicity created, they discover the victims Prometheus has been killing aren’t random at all. The pattern between all the deceased is Oliver’s list that he used when he first returned to Star City. When the rest of Team Arrow finds out about Oliver’s list they are angered even more, especially Evelyn who didn’t know about Oliver’s dark start. Using the pattern Felicity predicts six future victims, so the team splits up to cover each one.

Unfortunately for Evelyn, Prometheus chooses the target she’s protecting, a train driver. Prometheus and Evelyn battle it out and she manages to cut his arm. Just when Prometheus is about to deliver a throwing star into his victim, the Green Arrow swoops in and Prometheus vanishes. They discover that a bomb has been armed on the train and they have no choice but to abandon the train. Using a parachute the three of them escape. Oliver has a talk with Evelyn back at base, where she apologies for being angry at him. Meanwhile, Felicity goes to Billy’s work again to confess that she actually works for the Green Arrow. After being a bit angry, he fangirls over the Green Arrow —”Is his face completely scarred? Is that why he wears the mask?”

Felicity meets up with Oliver and tells him she discovered something about the throwing stars Prometheus has been using. All of the throwing stars are reused from the metal of Oliver’s arrows, meaning Prometheus could be an SCPD officer. Quentin is then shown waking up on his couch, a throwing star on the table in front of him and a bloody gash on his right forearm.

– Next week on Arrow –

I definitely did not expect Quentin Lance to be Prometheus. I wonder if Team Arrow can save him and recruit him into joining the team as a vigilante. What’re your thoughts? Comment below, or tweet me @SohoDoll. Until next time, “My name is Oliver Queen and I will save this city!”


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