People of Earth: S1 Ep1 “Pilot”

People of Earth premiered on October 31st on the U.S. cable channel TBS.

The show was created by David Jenkins and is executive produced by Conan O’Brien. When I saw the trailers I knew the show was going to be funny, but the kind of funny that makes me think. Not the slapstick formulaic trash that most of the network produced comedies prefer to go by. You know, the ones where you’re told when to laugh and what to laugh at by the laugh track that they still use.

Introducing: Ozzie Graham.


From the beginning, the plot of People of Earth grabs you. It starts with the main character, Ozzie Graham (played by comedian Wyatt Cenac) driving down a deserted road at night.

Suddenly, a deer (yes, the animal) appears in the passenger seat and starts talking to him. He freaks, then snaps to reality on a train.

He was dreaming.

It seems Ozzie was in an accident recently and has had trouble sleeping ever since. When he does fall asleep, he keeps having the same dream over and over. He’s driving down a dark road late at night. He begins to doze off when he’s suddenly warned by the deer (yup, still a deer) sitting next to him that he’s about to have an accident. At the very same moment, he spots another deer in the road and swerves to avoid it, causing the accident.

Ozzie is a reporter who works for Glint, a prominent New York publication. He’s taking the train upstate to the small town of Beacon where he’s been sent to do a feature on a group called StarCrossed whose members say they’ve all been abducted by aliens.



The group is run by Gina Morrison (played by Saturday Night Live alum, Ana Gasteyer). They’re reluctant to share their experiences at first, but Ozzie reassures them their identities will be kept secret.

As he listens to their stories, Ozzie clearly begins to think they’re all out of their minds.

Later, back in NYC, Ozzie meets with his boss, Johnathan Walsh (played by Michael Cassidy of Smallville), who seems to love the draft of the article. Walsh is one of those young, rich, eccentric types. He wants Ozzie to write a follow-up, but Ozzie is reluctant.

Eventually, Ozzie is convinced so he heads back to Beacon and meets up with group member, Gerry (Luka Jones), who gives us a bit of the history alien abductions in the city. We also find out this city has the most reported alien abductions on the East Coast.

As he listens, Ozzie realizes this city is where his accident happened.

Later, as Ozzie is doing research for the article, he meets with each group member. We now get a snippet into each of their lives and personalities. None of them impress Ozzie much. But as they all tell him about their alien experience, Ozzie begins to notice similarities in their stories.

The mystery begins.

That night Ozzie goes to dinner with Gina and Gerry. There, they tell him they suspect he too has had an experience. His accident shares similarities with the experiences of the rest of the group. They offer to help him figure out what’s going on but, of course, Ozzie refuses to entertain the thought that his accident was alien related.

That is until they ask him to recall the events of the night and he can’t.

Just then, news breaks that Ozzie’s article has been published prematurely and the actual names of the group members were used in the published piece.

Ozzie is pissed and confronts Walsh. Walsh wants Ozzie to drop the article but after his experience at dinner, Ozzie is now interested in finding out more.

So he returns to Beacon and apologizes to the group. He also decides to join them.

During his first meeting as a member, they hypnotize him so he can better recall the events of his abduction. Strangely, it seems Ozzie was actually awake and coherent during the whole thing. The major difference between his experience and the others is that he interacted with ALL of the three types of aliens at once. Not just one at a time like everyone else.


Ozzie can’t believe what happened to him but he finally admits there’s something mysterious going on. He decides to quit his job at Glint and move to Beacon. He gets a job writing for the local news. He also becomes a full member of the group.

Walsh is not happy that Ozzie quits.

So we’re looking forward to more.

Make sure you watch until the very end of the episode because we’re shown a comedic look into what actually went on during Ozzie’s abduction.

You’ll also see some clips of upcoming episodes. It seems TBS is trying to produce more shows intended to draw the 18-49-year-old viewers away from Cartoon Network and Comedy Central with wittier and edgier programming. They might have another winner with this show. Time will tell, but for now, so far I’m a fan.



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