TV Daredevil Star LIKES Ben Affleck Daredevil Movie


At a recent appearance at Wizard World Pittsburgh (an event attended by yours truly), Daredevil stars Charlie Cox and Elden Henson held a Q and A session. Cox and Henson revealed a lot about themselves and their opinions about the show. Henson was his usual jokey self, claiming he wish the show would feature Scar from the Lion King as a villain. Cox revealed a lot as well – He mentioned his desire to feature Bullseye as a villain on Daredevil (something that would displease Deborah Ann Woll and Elodie Yung), he wants to do a crossover with the Ninja Turtles and/or Buzz Lightyear; and he recently became a father. However, the news for today is Cox actually enjoyed the 2003 Daredevil movie with Ben Affleck.


To begin with, the man has a right to his opinion. I can personally admit to enjoying films such as The Lone Ranger and Batman Forever. Having said that, I can honestly say the 2003 Daredevil movie is not particularly good. To be fair, it was not a terrible movie. Ben Affleck and Michael Clark Duncan were well-cast as Daredevil and Kingpin respectively. Colin Ferrel was deliciously hammy as Bullseye. Some of the fight scenes were decent. Cox also discussed how much he liked the Spider-man movies from the same time. Comparing the two, he commented how the Spider-man films were jokey and didn’t take themselves to seriously. However, he complimented Daredevil for having the guts to go dark and take a serious approach to the material.

However, Charlie Cox had to be honest and admit the movie was not perfect. He called the movie “confused” and it is hard to argue with that. The movie is serious but has absurd moments such as the playground fight. According to some sources, the director’s cut is a superior film, with some of the plot holes explained. However, for all intents and purposes, it appears Charlie Cox does like the theatrical version. Either way, even if the movie is not very good, maybe in Cox’s mind, it was good enough.

During the Wizard World conference, Charlie Cox admitted to being a fan of the comics before he was cast on the show. So admittedly, there may have been a certain excitement for him over seeing one of his favorite characters finally make it to the big screen. The Tim Burton Batman movies have been under the gun since the release of the Nolan Batman films. For those of us who were there, it was our first exposure to the Caped Crusader. Michael Keaton’s portrayal was the first time the character had been portrayed in a serious light. So no matter how good the newer films, we’ll always have memories of our first time. On a personal level, I found that Green Lantern movie from a few years back pretty underwelming, but the thrill of seeing the Green Lantern in action AT ALL was one of the reasons I enjoyed it. Back in 2003, Charlie Cox may not have known he’d see a better Daredevil, he may not have known he’d be a better Daredevil. But there will always be that spark of magic from seeing one of his heroes come to life for the first time.

On a final note, here’s my picture with Charlie Cox… I’m the one in black.




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