King of the Underground

maxresdefaultGreetings to all my fellow wrestling fans. For those who have been keeping up with my TNA news I thank you, and more important news will continue. Today I want to give you guys a piece of my mind on Lucha Underground. In their third season they have made moves in leaps and bounds.

They take ideas that has already been around, give it an original feel. Casket matches titled Grave Consequences, return of the triple tag team labeled Trios title. The one original I admire most is the Gift of the Gods title. To even earn a shot at the title the wrestler must be invited to compete in series of matches where the winner is given a medallion of a respective ancient Aztec God. Once all medallions are collected to complete the title belt and champion is crwoned. Now the kicker is that the title doesn’t get defended but it’s automatically a number one contender for the heavyweight championship.

I don’t want go too deep cause I want you watch for yourself. In its third season it’s third season Lucha Underground has begun to see success. Selling out live events on the first try, sealing TV deal with Time Warner to air in Germany. Second coming of WCW, they do follow the WCW philosophy for being as different as possible from WWE. I just wanted to give an intro to what’s to come, news, reviews, and just my opinion on the status and future of the company. Read, give opinions of what you want me to inform you guys on let’s make this as interactive as possible, I love interested wrestling fans to interact with Lucha Underground every Wednesday on the El Rey network check your local listings. Peace out….


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