Nintendo Eshop 11/10/16: From Rhythm games to Shooters, the Eshop has it all this month

The Nintendo Eshop is always updating weekly and showing so many great games for all different sorts of people. You never know what is going to come out on the Eshop and that is a marvelous thing.

This week we see so many fantastic games are coming out for Nintendo systems. The newest Harvest Moon Skytree Village is out this week. It looks like a charming farming adventure like many of its predecessors. It is definitely worth playing at least one of these games as they really can be just too much fun.

The Virtual Console also gets updates on both the 3DS and Wii U. For 3DS we get Megaman X3 another classic adventure in the Megaman series where you can choose to as Megaman or Zero. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles another zombie filled game where you could finally take down the Umbrella Corps is also out this week. If that brand of gaming is too scary Rhythm Heaven Fever is also out on Wii U, a charming game with 50 Rhythm games to play again and again.

Also included in the update are more deals for My Nintendo members which you really should sign up for if you haven’t. Plus it is the First anniversary of the Nintendo Badge arcade and free plays are being offered during this week. Go and collect some badges, you never know what badges they have in store.

With a new Animal Crossing Theme for Fall get another reason to love this season!

If none of these games strike your fancy, you can definitely find a host of other games including the brand new Cartoonnetwork: Battle Crashers! This game brings in all of the best and brightest cartoon characters from the recent shows into one beat em’ up sidescroller.

So go and login to the Eshop and see if you can find yourself a new game to play! Keep checking Skatronixxx for more of the best pop culture from your friendly neighborhood geeks!


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