Regular Show: In Space S8 E22 ‘The Key to the Universe’

The legendary trainer Earl just wants to train Pops to save the universe. The group isn’t sure Pops is actually the hero but still are curious what he would teach him. Earl tells them the story of Pops and Anti Pops’ fight and how their fight resets the universe. Pops doesn’t want to fight but if he is trained by Earl he could defeat Anti Pops for good.

Mordecai and Rigby watch Pops train but are unimpressed by Earl’s methods. It is similar to the idea of watching Master Miyagi teach wax on wax off. Clearly in the end Pops will learn something even though this man’s teachings are so unorthodox. Humorously the wax on wax off lesson is also in this episode.

Pops is being worked to the bone but his lessons are not doing much for Pops. Pops finally goes off on Earl because he doesn’t want any of this. Earl shows Pops what happened the last time he and his foe fought. If only Pops had more training then, maybe he could have defeated this monster. Of course seeing this destruction makes Pops cry and run away. Pops runs through the park to his safe place with his friends in tow.

Pops just wants to a regular oddly shaped headed man, but his friends know he can do this. Earl shows Pops that his training wasn’t for nothing and then tells him his training can really begin now.

Regular Show’s final season is really heating up. Can’t wait to see Pops take down Anti Pops in the coming episodes. This show is certainly going to end in a way I would have never guessed. The next episode airs next week and is called ‘No Train No Gain.’



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