Supernatural SN12 E5 -The One You’ve Been Waiting For


In the latest episode of The Show, our Boys took on the biggest serial killer of all time… Hitler.  I have been looking forward to this episode since before the season even started because this was the episode that brought us Aaron Bass (played by Adam Rose) back.  I love Aaron and the Golem!  Their episode in S8 (E13 Everybody Hates Hitler) is one of my favorite episodes… and of course, I just love Adam!  I was so very disappointed that all the screen time he got was a phone consult.  C’mon guys, couldn’t you have given us a little more than that?  This was a topic that Lucy and I discussed… the consensus was that maybe the actor that played the Golem wasn’t available.  And, I mean really, what’s Sonny without Cher?  Hope to see you again soon, Adam … uh, I mean Aaron.

The prod team for The Show posted a great blooper from this episode on Wednesday before the episode aired.  I have to admit I laughed long and hard over it, and couldn’t wait to see the scene it came from.  Imagine the laughter that ensued when I realized that the line was changed so that Jensen didn’t have to say “sincere”.  Here check out the blooper for yourself…..

DJ was texting me again during this episode, but I think he forgot that I always start watching the show late… so that I can fast forward through the commercials.  Because, he texted me just as I was starting at exactly 8:15 (central)… with “Cue Blue Oyster Cult… (musical notes) I’m burnin’ I’m burnin’ I’m burnin’ (musical notes)”.  At first, I thought it was an excellent pick up line … but the next text was … “(musical notes) And it burns, burns, burns… The Ring of Fire (musical notes)”.  My friend has a sick sense of humor, but I realized he was talking about The Show.  Just so ya know, DJ agreed with Lucy and me (again, yes it’s supposed to be me not I … look it up).   He thought Adam’s part should’ve been bigger and said “It would have been great to see the Golem again too.” (I’m throwing that part in so that the SPN writing team realize that there’s more than just two crazy female fans in Arkansas that would like to see them again… there’s THREE crazy fans.)

So, the story for this episode was that Hitler’s soul was trapped in a gold pocket watch and The Thule (an organization of Nazi Necromancers) wanted to use that to resurrect the Fuhrer.  The Boys find the case because of the two people that spontaneously combusted in the first 5 minutes of the show… hence DJ’s texts.  Of course, The Thule means a phone call consult with Aaron Bass was necessary.

The Nazis need to get their hands on Ellie who is a blood relative of Hitler.  Because, The Fuhrer can only be put into a body that carries his blood.  The Boys are trying to keep Ellie safe, and of course, stop Hitler.

As you might expect, the Nazis do actually get their hands on Ellie, and The Boys have to storm the place and save the day.  Dean wants to use a grenade launcher (where did they get a grenade launcher?)… but Sam, ever the voice of reason, won’t let him.  I loved when The Boys come face to face with Hitler (in Nauhaus’ body) and The Fuhrer says, “You must be important, he feared you,” meaning Nauhaus.  Dean says “Nice new meat suit, did it come with two testicles this time?”  Hitler brags about how much his book sold and says “Imagine what I can do with Twitter.”  I didn’t miss the resemblance there to Trump, and believe me I needed it after the election.  I giggled hysterically at that point.  Chuck, I love my Show!

The best part of The Show was when Sam announces “Dude, you killed Hitler” with true hero worship written all over his face when he looks at his brother (Jared did such a great job with that reaction!).  At first, there’s real shock on Dean’s face as he realizes that he did indeed kill Hitler.  That starts a whole gag of Dean repeating “I killed Hitler” over and over.  When Sammy got back into Baby at the end of the episode, I said, “Please say ‘I killed Hitler’ again.”  And, of course, Dean did not disappoint.  And, yes… he does deserve pie for killing Hitler…. lots and lots of pie.

Next week, we get the return of Mary …. and Sheriff Jody!!!  Yes, that squee’ing you hear is definitely me.  Here, check it out… you’ll be squee’ing too!


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