The ‘Survivor: Millennials Vs Gen-X’ Review – “I’m The Kingpin”

What a hair-raising episode for Adam fans! Given the through-line we got, I was convinced that I was losing yet another one of my favourites. Especially when he didn’t use that Idol!

More on that point, what a great look for Hannah. The awkward home-girl of the Geek contingent, Hannah was able to put Adam at ease and tell him to “relax bro” after his squirrelly antics saw the vote sway in his direction a number of times. That’s not to say Hannah can win this but I’m ready for more airtime for her when considered that female Millennials are an endangered species right now.

Damn it Michelle! Where were those Jedi mind tricks girl? After her elaborate plan to vote out Mari (a little less salty), I was at least content that Michelle was a good player (which I still stand by that) and excited to see her go far. But these attractive females need to stop hanging off the Bros in the games. We have reached a point in Survivor when the “Meat shield” is a valid and successful plan to win outright, just ask Cambodia Sole Survivor Jeremy Collins. So with that trend set to continue, the unassuming female player that usually looks to go far becomes a target at the Merge. Even more so when Hidden Immunity Idols are in the mix, an x-factor that contributed more to Michelle’s exit than anything she did wrong, but still meant she took the hit when the Majority alliance weren’t sure whether Jay would past his Idol to Taylor but defiantly knew that Michelle would not receive it.

These Survivor nerds need to stop, listen to Hannah and chill out.

If it isn’t David giving me heart palpitations in the pre-Merge, Adam has now stepped up and become determined to send me to an early grave. Seriously, what in the hell possessed him to tell Taylor about this #SurvivorFirst advantage of stealing a reward, which is flat-out dumb by the way. I get that you have spent X amount of days together but you sent his Survivor Girlfriend home … he is not on your side! But then again when Tails is Mason-Jaring-i- up and stealing food, an alliance with the Dumb-arse Meat-Shield maybe isn’t such a bad plan. If he was on your side, which he ain’t, so still bad.

Will stepped into the fray tonight and really annoyed me. I know I should be all “he’s just a High Schooler” and “isn’t it cool that he is out there” but I’m not. I want more old people falling over rather than young people winning Immunity and thinking they are ‘Bad Asses’ for doing one entertaining thing this whole time. Perhaps the purple aspect to his edit puts him at a disadvantage but I just don’t care for Will, which is too bad because I know that he is a super fan and I want to root for him. But when you essentially just a pawn in the great scheme of things you get lumped in with the Sundays of the show and that is really bad place to be.

Maybe I’ll eat my words when he wins the game but … he ain’t wining the game.

Speaking of edits, Bret has really turned his game around. It’s possible that his spike in visibility is a precursor to a boot nearing soon but the idea of  Tri-Force of Bret, Chris and Zeke running this game to end might not be as crazy as it would’ve sounded in the Pre-Merge.

With so many lame ducks still around I’m certainly not against any three of the aforementioned Bro’s winning this game. I can’t shake this feeling however that someone underwhelming may steal this entire thing. Least not forget that Ken and Jessica still have that tight bond and an Legacy Advantage in the back pocket. I can see if those two take a Goat to final, Ken will easily win. Which would sour my opinion of what has been a surprisingly fun season so far.

With three Hidden Immunity Idols still in the mix though, I’m sure Millennials Vs Gen-X has some surprises still in store.


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