This Week’s Fresh Friday Featured Artist is Kieran Roberts


After a few weeks of being absent Fresh Friday is back and this week our Fresh Friday Featured Artist is Kieran Roberts.

Kieran is a songwriter and Guitarist based in Manchester, he also won Teen Guitarist Songwriter at the 2016 Teen Clash Indie Awards. His voice has a unique quality about it, which also extends to the sound and music arrangement on the tracks. Kieran was kind enough to answer our Fresh Friday Q&A, check it out below



Presh: Describe your sound in three words

Kieran: Melodic, Soundscape, Alternative

P: When did you start singing and songwriting?

K: Bass is my first instrument, I have been playing that since I was 11/12 but I started singing and songwriting when I began learning guitar at the age of 16. Through playing the guitar I was able to teach myself to sing, using the guitar to play melodies for me replicate with my voice which was good practice.

PWho are your major musical influences?

KI tend to listen to a lot of music so I am influenced by a wide range of stuff, Damon Albarn is definitely a songwriter that stands out as a major influence on my writing, however, it all depends on what purpose I am writing for.

PWhat has been your most memorable musical moment so far?

KMy most memorable moment is from when I was in a band called Said The King, me and the bassist (Kieran Goodman) set up and organised a gig to raise money for Kirkwood Hospice and the MS Society. There were 4 bands playing including us and we managed to raise over £200.

PWhat’s the songwriting process like for you?

KUsually, I focus on writing a simple chord progression, from there I start writing melodies to fit with it, it can be quite precise in that I will always keep the main melody changing so the song is constantly moving forward. Then I add the lyrics, these are sometimes ones I have written a while ago but most of the time they are new so they fit well with the song. My songwriting method as changed rapidly recently as I have always been part of a band while writing, now I’m writing without a purpose in mind I can do it more freely. In a band I would usually have the majority of the song written and then in the band environment we would change and adapt it, the most successful times for this were in my first band Said The King as musically we were all thinking the same thing and we all had our equal parts to contribute.

P: Who have you dreamt of working with and why?

Brian Eno, he has a huge catalogue of people he has worked with and his production on their albums is fantastic, I would love to work with him because I’d be interested to see what my songs will sound like with his input.


You can find the links to Kieran’s two tracks on soundcloud, the links are below. if you know an indie that you think should feature in our fresh friday article, then don’t hesitate to get in contact me via twitter @Presh81. Have a great weekend all, and be safe.

Soundcloud Track: Call It What You Like

Soundcloud link to Track: Fighting With Ourselves



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