You’re the Worst S3 E11 ‘The Inherent,Unsullied Qualitative Value of Anything’

Gretchen wakes up feeling different especially since Jimmy told her he doesn’t know if his life is his. She suddenly sees Jimmy looking through his stuff assessing whether it is worth keeping in his life or not. Surely, he’s not going to toss Gretchen by the wayside. She knows she is going to be judged and lets Jimmy write a pro and con list about her. Humorously we find out that she thinks all of the ink we get is from squids.

It’s the day of Shitstain, a client of Gretchen’s wedding. Really that name is so juvenile it is moderately humorous. Lindsay is going to divorce Paul and is happy she made him sign a prenup, unaware that she won’t get any of Paul’s money.  She is also upset because without a baby she also loses another in for his money.

Gretchen wants to see Jimmy’s list  but of course she won’t get to see it. Edgar needs to create five sketch ideas for his new boss and Dorothy is upset he is doing it at the wedding. Lindsay attempts to find a job and hits it off with a Fashionista. Gretchen works to fix the quarrel between Shitstain and his friends so the wedding will go off without a hitch.

Dorothy is upset that Edgar is doing so much work and that she isn’t going anywhere. Edgar goes off to talk shop with another comedian at the wedding. Gretchen tries to take Jimmy’s notebook and finds that he switched notebooks. Gretchen takes some power back and writes a list about Jimmy as well.

Shitstain’s wife tells his group leader Sam that they are going to have a baby in a year and he makes things worse by kissing her. For such a macho and independent man Sam shows off some true character.

Edgar is bouncing off ideas for his pot comedy with Brian Posehn.Dorothy breaks up the work and is quite a downer, Edgar doesn’t know what to do. Lindsay finally tells Paul that she had an abortion and is leaving him. Of course doing it in front of the woman you want a job from is not really a good idea. Lindsay really does try to make good decisions but she is so unaware of what her actions do to others.

Jimmy and Gretchen begin to read their lists to each other. Sam and his other band mate Zachary speak at their wedding and it turns out well enough. The 3 main couples all end up in bad terms and Gretchen and Jimmy drive off in separate cars. We see them both looking sad as they drive together yet separately to their house. Is this the end of the worst yet most amazing couple on the show?

This episode really was quite the explosive one. Many different truths came out or were really hinted at. I hope these characters are all able to work things out in the end. This show really is so good because it can be so real. Cannot wait to see how things come out in the next episode,’You knew it was a Snake’.


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