Doctor Who: The Escape. William Harnell years

Welcome back,

We last left off; Susan was heading back to her captured friends who are all sick with radiation poisoning…




Susan exits the doors to the TARDIS, there is a storm coming. Lightning and thunder all around. Suddenly she looks up, and there is a blond hotty staring down at her. She looks at him frightened, “What do you want?” she asks timidly. “Don’t be afraid” the blond Stanger responds. Susan asks again “What do you want? “ Blonde hotness starts to walk toward her, Susan is cowering on the ground. “Please help. What do they call you? But your not, you’re perfect.” Susan observes in disbelief. (Oh honey, yes he is.) “I tried to speak to you in the forest yesterday but I frightened you, I’m sorry.’ The blonde man apologizes. Susan responds, “I was frightened, I was terrified.” “Yes, I was very clumsy” the tall Stanger confesses. He informs her that he has come to help them understand how to use the medications he had left. Susan is surprised that he is the one who left them the ‘drugs’ but confesses that they have not taken them yet. “You have not taken the drugs!?’ blondie asks in shock. “We must go back and save my friends, they have been captured’ Susan states. “But you must take them, you are to sick for it.” The blonde mc’hotty insists, jumping down toward her. He then asks about the prisoners. She tells him of the Daleks, which he seems to be aware of. He is confused as to why the Daleks want the drugs, feeling like they have alternate reasons to want them. He then advises a plan to give her more medication to hide with her while she returns to the Daleks. “I am Aladan of the Nafaries.” He introduces himself. (I think that’s what he said…) He then informs Susan that he will return with her to the Daleks. He then takes off the cape he is wearing and hands it over to Susan to keep her warm. Susan then again asks him about his appearance, stating that the Daleks told them that the others were mutated. Aladan is confused and wonders what the Daleks looks like instead. They then start to head into the forest, back to the other prisoners.


Back in the city, “I have returned the girl to the cell.” The first Dalek informs the other, who is standing at a console. They are now considering the prisoner’s request for water, and have decided to bring them some. They believe that the girls has made contact with the ‘Sows” and that she will bring the Sows to them.


Back in the prison room, Susan has the Doctor’s head in her hands as she is giving him the medication. “The Sows said the medicine would act quickly,” Susan states, as she feeds the Doctor more water. They are grateful for the medication. Ian notices that the Sows seem friendlier. Barbara wonders why the Daleks think the Sows are mutants. Then Doctor wakes up, confused on what day it is and insists that they need to leave quickly. Susan decides they need to talk with the Daleks. She then sits on the floor, holding the cape that Aladan had given to her, and tells the story of the Sows survival after the war. (They had found some land and pretty much stayed hidden.) They rely on a great rain-fall that happens once every 4 or 5 years. (That must be nice, here in Oregon, it rains all the time..) But apparently its two years over due and the crops are ruined. While Susan is telling the story, she is unaware that the camera in the cell is monitoring her. As she continues with the story, the Daleks are listening in. She tells them that the Sows want to meet with the Daleks and arrange a treaty. The scene pans out from the cell and to the view of the camera, then panning back more to see the two Daleks who are watching her. “We could let this catastrophe destroy the Sows.” The one Dalek says to the other. They decide that keeping the prisoners alive was a good idea, and may be the keys to helping them destroy the Sows. They will let the prisoners leave and bring food to the Sows, but then this will give the Sows a false sense of security, which will help with the capturing, and destruction of the enemy.



The prison door opens as the heroes are lying on the floor, healing from the medication given to them. A Dalek comes through the door with a tray, “We have bring you food and more water, the girl is to come with me… she will be returned. We are going to help the Sows which is what you want us to do.” The Dalek lies. He then insists that they leave now. Susan follows, but Ian and the Doctor are not convinced of their hospitality.


We then switch to the Sows, Aladon is perching on a rock. He then sees his other natives and hops down. A few of them are approaching now; they see the big blue box and inspect it for a second. “ So Aladon, we were right to believe the city inhabited,” the other native called Genisis announces. Aladon confirms this. They all then wonder what the Daleks will be like, hoping that they have changed along with the Sows over the centuries. The Daleks were teachers and scientists at one point. They are in hopes that they can learn and exchange ideas with the tin cans. Genisis then wonders where the girl is now, and if they are all trust worthy. Aladon explains that he has given the female drugs and she returned to the city. The female of the tribe walks over and states “Would have been better if you had given it to a man instead of a girl.” “I had to, the others are prisoners in the city.” replies Aladon. They continue discussing the prisoners, and of the conversation that took place between Susan and Aladon. The leader Genisis does not feel that the talking’s of the young lady is that important. (Wow this group is sexist… ) The conversation then changes as they discuss their situation, the tribe is in need of food and supplies to continue to survive. But the conversation then goes back to a rescue of the prisoners, and how to find out if the Daleks are hostile.



The scene cuts back to Susan, she is biting her nails while writing a list of the supplies the Daleks will give to the Sows. The Daleks are telling her what to write. They are talking to fast so she is struggling to keep up. The Daleks explain that in return they expect the Sows to help then. After she is done writing, the Dalek instructs her to sit still while they proofread what she has written. The one Daleks is having a hard time reading the last word on her list. The Dalek attempts to sound it out, which causes Susan to giggle. “Stop that noise!” The dalek demands irritably. “Its what I am called, its my name, Susan” Susan explains to the Dalek. “And you told the sows that you would write this way of the message” Susan confirms this, then informs the Dalek that they do not need to be frightened of the Sows. She then asks to be the one who delivers the message to them, but the Dalek declines insisting that they have a plan otherwise. You can then hear the Doctor and Ian talking in the background, they are wondering how long Susan will be missing for. The Dalek approaches the monitor where our friends can be seen. The monitor then goes black. Susan figures out that the Daleks could hear them the whole time, and this is how they knew about the Sows. “It does not matter, we have the message now.” Susan is starting to figure out, this may not be a good meeting after all. (bum bum bum) Another Dalek then pushes Susan in the back with his toilet plunger.


Ian and the Doctor are discussing in the cell. Ian thinks they are up to no good, but the Doctor has hopes they are here to help. (psh, ya right) Ian is frustrated with the Doctor, always defending the Daleks and confronts him on the matter. Ian grabs the Doctor by the upper arms and asks angrily “Look, I want to know why! Why are you with them and against the rest of us!?” “Get your hands off me!” The Doctor yells. There is a small wrestling match between the two men, Susan gets in (magically appearing in the chamber) and tries to stop them. She then, after separating the men, runs over to the camera on the wall and tears it down.


The two Daleks notice the monitor is off, “ Do you think there is a malfunction?” the one Dalek asks the other, “No, they tore it down” They figure out that the humans can’t be fooled. “Shall we move them to another room until the camera is repaired.” The one Dalek decides “No.” The other declines “EXTERMINATION then.” The third insists. (EEEEEEEEEK) the other Dalek feels that they will be useful in the future so they decide not to exterminate the heroes, but first to deal with the sows.


The heroes are trying to figure out how to stop the Daleks. Pondering ways to trick them. But Ian is worried of what they can do to them. The Doctor figure’s out that the floors are metal, and that this is essential to the Daleks. They are figuring out what makes them tick. Concluding that they are powered by electricity. This then helps the Doctor assess how they are conducting the electricity they use. Ian then has an idea; he is examining the cloak that was given to Susan from the sows. He feels that the material from the cloak may be the key to taking out the Daleks.


The sows are gathering supplies; the female is talking to another male, who is the brother of Aladon. Aladon is then talking with Genisis about the Daleks. Wondering if meeting with the Daleks is good idea. Genisis tries to comfort his friend. Then the letter arrives from Daleks, the one written by Susan. Genisis reads the letter allowed to his tribe. The letter informs them, all the supplies they wish can be collected for them tomorrow at the entrance of the Daleks buildings. Genisis has hope for the future.


Susan has her ear to the door, listening for the Daleks. She informs them that the machine is approaching. The Doctor instructs them to monitor everything the machine is doing. The Dalek approaches, instructs Susan to move back from the door and take the food. She does so obediently and the tin man leaves. Ian then walks to the Doctor who is sitting with the food in his lap. They are trying to figure out what they can do to stop the guard next time. Maybe stage something, that way, when the creature is distracted, they can throw something on the lens to blind it. Barbara then takes Susan’s shoe and removes the dirt, combines this with water to make some mud.

Time passes and they are ready for the Dalek to make his timed entrance. The Dalek approaches, unaware of it’s fate. The door opens and the Dalek enters, then gives Susan the food. That’s when Ian places a metal object in the door to help stop it from closing. As the Dalek leaves the room the door tries to close, but is unable to do so. The Dalek comes back into the room, when it is ambushed. Barbara smashes the mud on its lens, and wrestle the Dalek on top of the cloak, rendering it unable to move or function. They remove the head from the Dalek. They find a creature inside. Using the cloak now they lift it out and place the being on the floor. Ian decides to get inside the Daleks metal suit and use it as a decoy. Since Ian is unable to get the tin to move, the team decides to help by pushing him. They leave the room and head down the corridor. The camera pans back to the cloak, as a small-deformed limb starts to move out of the fabric…


Next episode: The Ambush ^_^


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