Lucha Underground: S:03-E:10″Ready for War”



As promised to my fellow wrestling lovers. Season Episode 10 of Lucha Underground.

Recap: Last week Famous brutally fired Mascarita Sagrada. Son of Havoc had to battle Famous new client Dr. Wagner with the stipulation if wins he gets to name the match. Havoc victorious asks for a Believers Backlash.

Now, we focus on the main event between Mil Muertes and Prince Puma. We go down memory lane when The Man of a thousand deaths put Puma’s mentor Konnan inside the casket. With some advice from the “Darkside” Prince Puma challenges Mil Muertes in… Grave Consequences.

Catrina reminds Mil of his focus, not only looking for the victory, but to finish Puma once and for all. As Catrina puts it she wants him “gasping for air.” Catrina Finished her “motivational speech” with the reminder of no more second chances if  The man of a thousands deaths fails he will lay to rest permanently.

Famous B W/ Beautiful Brenda vs. Mascarita Sagrada

OK it’s time for some Lucha. We begin seeing the Believers (the audience) with weapons in hand ready for Mascarita Sagrada to take revenge in his former manager Famous  in the  Believers Backlash match. I must agree with announcer Matt Striker, its about to get weird, as the match begins with Mascarita blinding Famous with beer, following with a 3 point stance tackle equipped with shoulder pads and helmet.

Continuing the action outside the ring, Mascarita selling to the Believers of a 30ft ladder pulls out a step ladder. Using his short stature, Mascarita takes the step ladder placing it on top if the announcers table, climbing on top and dropping a Macho Man like elbow onto his former manager. The tide turns momentarily with a distraction from Brenda (Famous assistant) Mascarita ate a super kick from The Agent of the stars. Keeping up with the comedy Famous B grabs a giant bag of popcorn from a Believer, but Mascarita counters with a dropkick to the kneend dropping B to the floor spilling the popcorn.

Pumped up Mascarita lunges at Famous, only to get shoved into a garbage can. Famous then stuffs Mascarita into the can lids it stating he’s takin out the trash. Wanting to injure Mascarita, Famous B reaches for a couple of Polo sticks to bang into the can. Mascarita leaps out of the can like a jack in a box, knocking Famous down to floor. Paying homage to Duke the Dumpster Drose beating Famous B up and down with the garbage lid. But Mascarita dipped into the well one time too many as Famous counters with a boot into the lil dazed Mascarita.  Famous B then follows up slamming Mascarita face into the barracade.

Finally getting the fight inside the ring, Famous B looked to the proper tool from the tool chest. From hammers, to wrenches, he finds a fumigator of “callonge” called Arrogance. With the Believers Chanting “Wheres the Model” Famous B climbs the top rope to spray Mascarita. Sagrada too quick, slips from under dragging Famous leg from under him face hitting the turnbuckle. Mascarita then sprays B in the face. The masked one then pulls out a gym bag. Dons a wizard hat with wand and with a little magic a bowling ball appears. Mascatna rolls a strike right into Famous B’s “Lil clients.”

Mascarita climbs the top rope. Out comes Dr. Wagner and shoves Mascarita off the ropes and enters the ring. Wagner then grabs a portait to smash over Mascatna head. Wagner is stopped by Famous not wanting to mess up such a beautiful self portait. This gets a nice laugh from the Believers. By then Son if Havoc enters the ring to aid Mascarita. Havoc goes straight for Dr. Wagner, kicking him out the ring then diving over the ropes with a cross body. Famous B distracted by the action outside, Mascarita sneaks up and crashes the portait into B’s head. Havoc and Dr. Wagner takes their fight back to the locker room. Looking for an escape Famous  tries to crawl out of the ring. Mascarita grabs B by his tie choking him with it. Brenda grabs a pair of scissors cutting B free. Mascarita then lands a suicide plancha on Famous on the outside. Mascarita grabs a pie, aiming it for B misses hitting Brenda in the face.

Now up Famous counters and slams Mascarita into the announcers table. Matt Striker hands Mascarita his own shoe. Mascarita goes into the ring with it and beats Famous with it. Mascarita gets his revenge for the same beating be took when fired by B. Mascatna then lands a tornado DDT from the top ropes pinning B for the victory.

Winner: Mascarita Sagrada by pinfall.

After the match, Mascarita grabs Famous and tosses over the top rope to the outside. Havoc returns, entering the ring with a life size cutout of Famous B. Havoc grabs the the pair of giant scissors, together with Sanaa cuts off the head of the cutout. Havoc ends the celebration with a token of acceptance giving Mascarita a leather vest.

After the break, Killshot confronts his “brother” Dante Fox in the back of the Temple. The former “AR Fox” debuted a coupleof weeks ago on LU. Under the impression Dante died in battle, Killshot couldn’t believe his eyes seeing Dante in the Temple. Instead of a brotherly reunion, Dante decides to assault Killshot telling him he “left him for dead.” Killshot informs Dante that Dario Quato has given him a job. Killshot also explained why Dante attacked him and didn’t care. Killshot offered his and in solidarity. They embrace, as Dante tells Killshot tonight they will stand united like old times.

At another section of the Temple, we find Drago practicing his nunchucks in front of the bathroom mirror. Dragos practice was interrupted by Kobra Moon. Moon tells him that his practice reminds her of the days of old where he battled for their tribe. They begin to fight as Drago denies ever being apart of their tribe, blocking her blow with his nunchucks. Locked in between his nunchucks, Kobra tells Drago that he doesn’t want to suffer the same fate as Daga. Being destroyed by Lord Pindar. Drago stunned to hear that Pindar was still alive. Kobra escapes from Dragos chucks, promising that Pindar will make Drago kneel in front of her.

Mariposa, Ivelisse, Marty The Moth Martinez, The Mack & Jeremiah Crane vs. Killshot, Dante Fox, Argenis, Texano & Cage

In this 5on5 contest Dario Quato decides to put enemies together. The winning team will go on to Aztec Warfare next week. Aztec Warfare is a 20 person battle    for    the    LU    Heavyweight Championship.      Reigning     champ Mantanza will enter #1 and Drago at #20.

The match begins with the two new comers to the Temple Dante Fox and Jeremiah Crane. Jeremiah jumps to an early start of the contest. Dante finds himself being saved by Killshot. Ivelisse jumps in to help her new boyfriend Jeremiah. Setting off the “Machine,” Cage comes in and knocks Ivelisse smooth onto the mat. In comes Marty the Moth in aid only to get jumped my Cage and Texano. Cage and Texano truce is short lived as the rivals turn on eachother and Texano knocks Cage to the outside. Miriposa jumpes in only to find her getting tossed by Texano to the outside onto Cage.

As Cage and Texano argue, The Mack gives Argenis a doubke knee shot to the face inside the ring. Mack sees the camotion outside the ring. Mack decides to intervene by diving onto Mack, Texano and Mariposa. Jeremiah and his lady decide to take in on the high flying, both lading cross bodies onto Cage. With the majority outside the ring, Argenis joins the leaping party with one of his own knocking everyone down. Dante and Killshot pair up. Countering attacks from Mariposa and Marty Rockers style. Hitting them with stiff kicks.Dante flies to the outside finishing the leaping party with a sick invetted shooting star splash. Killshot does the ground work inside the ring with the returning Ivelisse. Killshot kicks Ivelisse to the mat.

Killshot then attempts a suplax, but Ivelisse counterstrikes with a reverse rana for a close two count. Ivelisse crawls to the outside, appering to have reinjured her ankle. Marty goes on the top rope to finish the dazed Killshot. Dante stops Marty only to turn on his “brother” with a brainbuster, leaving Marty to get the pin.

Winners: Mariposa, Ivelisse, Marty The Moth Martinez, The Mack & Jeremiah Crane

After the break, we find Dario Quato in the bowels of the Temple. Dario holding the LU title tells his brother Mantanza how he will destroy 19 other luchedores at Aztec Warfare. Dario reminds his brother of their father and what he was trained for…Mantanza growls “WAR”.

Lucha Underground Main Event:

Grave Consequences

Prince Puma vs. Mil Muertes w/Catrina 

Grave Consequences is just a kick a** title for a casket match Temple way. These warriors faced off before, Muertes victorious at Ultimate Lucha for the championship. During which Muertes buried Pumas mentor Konnan as I mentioned at the start. Vampiro told Puma to pick this match to avenge his fallen mentor.

Pumas wastes no time, attacking Muertes at top of the stairs with a fierce kick toff the head. With the excitement of the Believers, Puma then leaps over the side of the top stairs onto a dazed Muertes. Taking the fight closer to the ring, Puma lands punches with a super kick. Puma then leaps for another plancha only to get it reversed into a powerslam by Mil. Mil continued to beat Puma slamming his head on the announcement table. Muertes the parting the Believers like the Red Sea, Muertes lunges Puma into empty seats. The battle was back and forth, from going through doors to ring bell used as a weapon.

Puma gets the upper hand hitting Muertes with a wreath of flowers. Puma drags the casket over towards Mil. In the process Muertes is revived by the “medallion ” held by Catrina. Muertes rises up and powerbombs Prince on the casket. Mil enters the ring with a table in hand. Setting it up in the corner. Muertes then brings Puma into the ring. Mil then grabs a chair, with the approval of the Believers he begins to beat Puma with the chair. Mil then wages the chair into the opposite side of the corner. Mil attempts to toss Puma into the table. Puma counters with a baseball slide Mil tries to spear Puma into the table. Puma leapfrogs over Mil. Mil stops in front of the table turns and charges at Puma at the other corner but charges into the chair. Up in a violent rage Mil spears Puma into the table breaking it in half.

Muertes loosens and unhook the bottom rope to attack Puma with the rings attachment hook. Mil then puts the casket into the ring. Muertes hit Puma with ten consecutive clotheslines in the corner. Mil charges in but Prince fights back. Puma knocks Mil on top of the casket, and lands a beautiful springboard 630 splash. Instead of placing Muertes into the casket for the victory, Puma inflicts more punishment slamming the door of the casket repeatedly over Mil head. Puma finishes with a chair shot to casket door over Mil head. Puma then sets up two tables on the outside looking to hurt Mil instead of the victroy. Prince enters he rings only to find himself being chokeslammed into the casket by Muertes. Muertes looking for the victory, places Puma in the casket. Mil unable to close the door Puma fights his way out of the casket. Both men landing shot after shot Mil gets the upper hand. Going for the flatliner, Puma counters with a handstand and gives Muertes a hard kick to the head. As both men struggle to their feet, Puma lands a awesome springboard dropkick. Muertes falls outside the ring. Prince runs and dives through the ropes with, both men heads collide. The impact echoes through the Temple. Mil musters the strength for a firemans carry, only to have Puma counter pushing Muertes into the ring post. Puma then grabs a chair hitting the ring post letting the vibration shake Mil the core.

Puma then takes a page from RVD, tossing the chair into Mil arms and landing a leaping kick. Puma places Mil on the tables. Puma heads the top rope looking to end Mil once and for all. Muetes rises up to the to stop Puma. Both men trade haymakers, Puma lands two monstrous kicks. Muetes nearly falls off the edge of the ring. Puma grabs Mil attempting a possible hurricarana from the top rope. Mil grabs Puma by the throat, and chokeslams Puma from the top top ropes down onto the tables. Mil then goes and gets the same casket he burried Pumas mentor Konnan. For good measure, Mil lands the Flatliner on to the floor. Muertes then places Puma limp bidy into the casket, slamming it shut.

Winner: Mil Muertes.

As Matt Striker tells the Believers that this may be the end of Prince Puma. Vampiro sits with a little smile as if his plan worked flawlessly. The faces of death arrive tho wheel Puma away into the abyss.


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