MacGyver SN1 E8 – Corkscrew


Sometimes, I’m a little dense.  Sometimes, it takes me a bit to get the joke.  This time it took me exactly 8 episodes.

Cute, CBS.  Really cute.

I’m sure you’re already in on the joke, but just to explain what I’m talking about… the episode titles are the “tool” Mac 2.0 uses to get out of the jam in that episode.  I swear I just heard you say .. “Took you long enough, Terri.”  You did, didn’t you?

This episode, Mac 2.0 used a (big surprise) corkscrew and empty paper towel rolls to save himself, Bozer and Jack from MURDOC!

I was so excited about this episode and the arrival of Murdoc!  I mean, if you’ve been with me since GO on this one (translation: reading my reviews for this show since episode 1) then you know, I’ve been begging for Murdoc.  In Mac 1.0, Murdoc was played by Michael Des Barres…. and menacing as hell, but still it was a joy to watch him on screen.  He was a big scene stealer with his smart ass quips and big elaborate assassination plans.  And, even though he was hired to kill Mac 1.0, Murdoc respected him and was smart enough not to underestimate him.  The Mac 1.0 episodes with Murdoc were all among my favorite episodes.   Mac 2.0’s arch nemesis is played by David Dastmalchian, and he was creepy, but nowhere near as enjoyable to watch as Murdoc 1.0.  I’m hoping that will get better.

We saw Nikki again.  I told you we would.  Mac 2.0 was convinced that Nikki hired Murdoc to kill him.  As the episode plays out we learn that Murdoc wasn’t hired to kill just Angus, but his whole team as well.

We also find out that (if you wanna believe Nikki) that Nikki didn’t hire him.  I was sure that it was El Nacho Cheese (Jack’s name for him) the drug lord from last week.  But, I’m not so sure now.  And Nikki (if you can believe her) did hint at it being a bigger plot than that when she met up with Mac 2.0 at a diner at the end of the episode.  So.  Who IS trying to kill Team Mac?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

The bowl of paper clips was in this episode as well.  I also thought it hilarious that Thorton locked Angus up to keep him safe… since, ya know, they all thought Murdoc was trying to kill him (and not ALL of them).  Like she honestly thought he couldn’t escape from that room.  At least, our man Jack knew that the room couldn’t hold him and was waiting with a “What took you so long?” in the parking garage.  In Thorton’s defense, she DID take his Swiss Army knife away… thinking she was “disarming” him.

Well… that’s a laugh and a half.  I mean, c’mon… he wouldn’t be MacGyver if that’s all it took to keep him locked up.

Oh.  I almost forgot the “opening gambit” this time.  Mac had a date!  That’s right, a date.  And where did they go on their date?  An escape room.  That’s just f’d up funny right there.  I’ve joked about going to one of those escape room places, but I’ve said to all my friends that wanted to put a team together and go, that I’d only go if we had MacGyver on our team.  Yeah, I was laughing at that part of the show… long and hard.  Everyone (even Thornton) teased Mac about his date.  That’s what families do, ya know?

Next week, Team Mac has to protect an embassy full of people… here, have a look….


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