An Interview With Cosplayer Lara Cosplays

Hi Readers
It’s time for another cosplay interview, this time we meet Lara Cosplays. Lara Cosplays first caught my attention with her awesome Tomb Raider cosplay! Let’s find out some more about Lara Cosplays.

1) How did you get into cosplaying?

I returned into this world first of all by examining my passion which is Tomb Raider. My parents had just installed the internet then it was really the discovery of everything. I found a site which to propose information on all the games and especially for the solutions (his name is Captain Alban) and then then I fell on a forum, which shares the notices and the passions of many fan. This is the way I discovered the cosplay of Tomb raider, at this moment I did not know too much what it was nor that it also could archer in other universes.


2) Where do you get your inspiration and ideas to cosplay from? Is it from programs you watch now or childhood programs or both?

It comes to me at first thus of my passion for Tomb Raider because it is thanks to it that I began with these numerous dresses. Then after it is enough in the crush in particular in movies as for sucker punch and for the red witch. The only manga which I made was Sailor Mars whom I wanted to make for a long time because it is a character whom I admire since girl, then it was child’s dream.

3) How do you put your outfits together are they 100% from scratch and if so what’s been your trickiest part to date?

It is enough complex because certain products ask for an enormous skill in the realization of the blow I often call on to professionals. At the beginning, I learnt to make my only holsters, I got myself the material in a shop held by a veillard who take care of ropes essential elements to go back up boats. I is to find what I am looking for there, hit had of everything, it is thanks to him that I owe my knowledge on the subject, how to fix rivets for example. Followed, my grandmother gives me courts when she helps me to finalize clothes in particular for Baby Doll’s holding. But I do not arrive still alone there, I know just to make some alterations as points. Then now, most of the cosplayers share their techniques as the manufacturing of holsters in linoleum.
The part the hardest to realize is holsters, any I always find some of difficult to make. Let be the thickness is not good, nor the same color, not the good size that’s hell every time but fortunately I still find an alternative.

4) What’s your favourite cosplay to date?

I cannot choose it what is too hard what you ask me (smile) I would answer all the same by Lara because it is the heroin that I am proud of incarer. Sometimes these suits are just as much pleasant to carry what is more sometimes complex to realize.

5) If you’ve cosplayed at a convention what was the experience like?

My first convention was in 2012 in Toulouse for the Toulouse Game Show, where I was able to do my first Tomb Raider. I was very satisfied with this first impression. A not very big but rather welcoming lounge. We even invited me in the VIP stand when we saw me shooting outside. It was really incredible.

Of our in the daytime, I prefer the conventions which I cross mainenant with my friends that the first ones where you feel that kept silent disturb.

6) Can we expect to see you at any conventions this year?

Yes I even plan to make 3 by the end of the year if I can. One in Toulouse, one in Castrate and one to TARBES, later I do not know which suit to carry because with all these limitations at the levels of the false weapons it puts more and more problem to carry our suits idols.

7) If you could cosplay as anyone and budget wasn’t an issue who would it be?

I would have a cosplay dream, it would be to make Bayonetta. Even if the cosplay is very difficult to make  at the level of the weapons which are very complex, she has so much class that to embody him would be really exceptional.

8) Do you have any words of advice for up and coming cosplayers?

For the trick cosplay level, I would tell the cosplayers to take well a quality wig to give more interest to their cosplays. So, it is necessary to bet in rather expensive wigs, beginning with 50€ or more because often it is not of the quality. You can thus command it on Amazon, what allows you to send back them if she do not suit to you.

Later I would say that if we want to try well it is necessary to try, if one wait for the agreement of such or such anybody, we shall make nothing more.


9) Where can we find you online?

It is rather simple, I am essentially on Facebook for this address :

Later I have my site which I try to update regularly but there is still some work :

I am also on Instagram at LaraCosplay’s :

There you go readers Lara Cosplays! Don’t be shy go say hi and say ‘Skatronixxx sent me!

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