An Interview With Cosplayer Mallory Dearest

Hi Readers
It’s time for another cosplay interview, this time we meet Mallory Dearest. Mallory Dearest first caught my attention with her awesome Harley Quinn cosplay! Let’s find out some more about Mallory Dearest.

1) How did you get into cosplaying?

When I first saw a sign for a comic con by my house I always wanted to go to once but didn’t know they were around so when I saw that I started putting outfits together and got more and more into it when i had some place to wear them to.

2) Where do you get your inspiration and ideas to cosplay from? Is it from programs you watch now or childhood programs or both?

I just get my inspiration from the character itself and sometimes the voice actor. I don’t like to look to other people to get inspired or to try an copy or outdo them or something I like to do my own thing.

3) How do you put your outfits together are they 100% from scratch and if so what’s been your trickiest part to date?

I don’t like to make my outfits 100% accurate because then I think everybody looks the same an it gets boring, so sometimes I’ll buy the characters corset and then add or take away parts to it so that it kinda matches with the characters I’m trying to cosplay  . The trickiest one I’ve done is probably my Arkham Knight Harley just because I had to paint the lace onto the skirt an make her Jack in the box bomb with just cardboard and styrofoam.


4) What’s your favourite cosplay to date?

Hmm it’s between my Arkham Asylum and Arkham Knight Harley there both pretty much tied and can’t decide .


5) If you’ve cosplayed at a convention what was the experience like?

Yes I’ve been to quite a few conventions dressed up an it’s so much fun I wish I could go to more.

6) Can we expect to see you at any conventions this year?

Sadly no, I’ve already been to 2 this year and those were the last ones around me for the year.

7) If you could cosplay as anyone and budget wasn’t an issue who would it be?

Scarecrow from Arkham Asylum,  I tried to once before but it was too expensive and I never finished it. “

8) Do you have any words of advice for up and coming cosplayers?

Just that if you actually know about the character you’r doing then you shouldn’t have any problems and just have fun.


9) Where can we find you online?


There you go readers Mallory Dearest! Don’t be shy go say hi and say ‘Skatronixxx sent me!

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