An Interview With Cosplayer Sutefanii Roozu

Hi Readers
It’s time for another cosplay interview, this time we meet Sutefanii Roozu. Sutefanii Roozu first caught my attention with her awesome Ahri cosplay! Let’s find out some more about Sutefanii Roozu.

1) How did you get into cosplaying?

It was a combination of enjoying video games, anime, and going to my first medieval faire in high school. I was so inspired by how detailed & creative the costumes I saw at the medieval fair were. I decided I wanted to make my own.

2) Where do you get your inspiration and ideas to cosplay from? Is it from programs you watch now or childhood programs or both?

A little bit of both. I feel like, at this point, every time I watch a new movie or play a new game I find myself thinking “oooh that’d be an awesome cosplay!” Haha

3) How do you put your outfits together are they 100% from scratch and if so what’s been your trickiest part to date?

Hmmm it really depends on the costume. Something like my dry bones costume was completely from scratch. The skull I put together for that was completely made out of things you can find around the house! Other times I will commission items or even have items donated to me (such as 75% of my D.Va costume) because occasionally I’ll be in the middle of a project, but if someone really wants to see me do a character & they send me the costume I’m always up for it! 🙂


4) What’s your favourite cosplay to date?

So hard to decide! I love Gnar, Dry Bones, and Ahri :))


5) If you’ve cosplayed at a convention what was the experience like?

It’s always a blast! It’s awesome to see your favorite characters brought to life, being around people with similar interests who are so friendly, & being acknowledged for costumes you have worked so hard on 🙂 I love meeting new people and making friends.

6) Can we expect to see you at any conventions this year?

I will be going to Youmacon this coming weekend, I am going to try and make it to Ohayocon if I can afford it, and I will also be at Pax East this year which I am absolutely thrilled about! Nothing else planned beyond those conventions yet. If you see me please come say hi! 😀

7) If you could cosplay as anyone and budget wasn’t an issue who would it be?

Hmmm I would love to start getting into some epic armor builds and work with LEDs!! No one specific comes to mind at the moment though.

8) Do you have any words of advice for up and coming cosplayers?

Have fun! Making costumes can be frustrating, just don’t get discouraged. It’s all trial and error. You’ve got to start somewhere… and that somewhere would probably be YouTube! haha.


9) Where can we find you online?

Just about anywhere! Lol I have Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, & Patreon accounts. Which you can all find me under my tag, Sutefanii Roozu .

There you go readers Sutefanii Roozu! Don’t be shy go say hi and say ‘Skatronixxx sent me!

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