People of Earth S1 Ep2 “Sponsored By”

The second episode of the series gives us some more insight into each character. I’ve also included a longer season preview for you, in case you’re still wondering what the show has to offer.

“Sponsored By”

In “Sponsored By” the mystery of just what exactly happened to Ozzie deepens and we get to learn a bit about Kelly (Alice Wetterlund) and Chelsea (Tracee Chimo). We’re also introduced to Father Doug (played by Oscar Nunez from The Office) and Yvonne (Da’vine Joy Randolph).

Ozzie’s boss, Johnathan Walsh, is trying to get him to go back to New York and go back to working for the magazine Glint. Although Ozzie is pretty bored with his new job he’s determined to stay in Beacon to find out what the hell happened to him.

While at the police station looking for news to write about, he has another flashback of hitting the deer.

Later he’s informed by Gina that he needs to pick a sponsor from the group by the end of the meeting that night. Gerry really wants to be the one. While at lunch, Ozzie sees the deer again.

That night at the meeting, everyone is kissing up to Ozzie in an effort to get him to choose them as his sponsor.

During the meeting, we learn about Kelly’s experience with the elf looking alien. She seems to be attracted to it/him. Ozzie notices Kelly’s and Chelsea’s experiences were similar.

Because of the similarities, Ozzie suggests investigating everyone’s experiences to look for connections. This throws the group into another argument. They all believe each of their alien encounters was different.

While they argue, Yvonne offers to help Ozzie get concrete proof of the aliens. She separates Chelsea and Kelly and tells them to describe their experience. While they’re doing this, a picture of what they describe their alien to look like will be drawn and compared.

While the group tries their experiment, Gina is having to deal with Father Doug. He’s the pastor of Our Lady of Sorrows, the church where the group meets. Father Doug is not happy about the material the group is talking about on church grounds. He tells Gina this will be the last night the group can meet there.

The drawings are finally compared to hilarious results but Ozzie’s not amused. He’s getting more and more frustrated with his situation. He’s not sure what really happened to him the night of the accident. He’s tired of living in a motel and he’s fed up that his life has come to this. He decides to go home early.

As he leaves the church, Gerry rushes out to find out why. In an attempt to impress Ozzie, Gerry volunteers to get Ozzie’s car back for him. While he waits, Ozzie gets another call from Johnathan Walsh. We finally get to see Walsh go full alien. He’s trying to get Ozzie to go back to Glint. Apparently, Walsh’s superiors want Ozzie at the magazine so that he’s not investigating the alien abductions.

Ozzie hangs up with Walsh and heads to his hotel. In his room realizes he forgot his notebook at the group meeting. Just as he’s about to go back he sees the talking deer again.

He rushes back to the church where the meeting is still going on. The group is still discussing Kelly’s and Chelsea’s experiences and their personal lives. Chelsea gets emotional and runs out of the room.

Gerry pulls up in Ozzie’s car just as Ozzie gets back to the church. Ozzie sees the damage from his accident for the first time. As he gets into the car, he immediately has a flashback to his experience with the aliens. He begins to remember the whole thing.

It turns out Gerry stole the car from the police impound lot so he’s arrested. Afterward, Ozzie goes inside to get his notebook and finds that Kelly has read it. She sees Ozzie has rated all of the group members by how crazy he thinks they are. But they have a good talk about why they’re both there, so Ozzie asks her to be his sponsor.

The episode ends with Walsh being lectured by his superiors about the Ozzie situation. They’re all starting to realize Ozzie could find out what’s going on. The Reptile Alien decides he’s going to go down to Beacon and take care of the Ozzie situation himself.

Earlier, when Chelsea left the group to deal with her emotions, Father Doug found her and talks with her. As Gina is driving home, Father Doug texts her and says they can talk about the group staying on. It seems his talk with Chelsea made him realize he may be able to help the group members, too.

As Gina is texting and driving, she doesn’t see the Reptile Alien has appeared in the road in human form. She smashes into him and kills him. He’s tossed out of site so she drives off, not seeing anything.

Later, we see the town’s policeman get there to clean up the body. He covers the whole thing up, saying there’s nothing to be seen. Seems he’s in on it, too.



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