The Goldbergs get 90’s spin off


The Goldberg’s, a TV show about a young nerd named Adam Golberg, growing up in the 80’s with his overbearing mom, super popular sister, wanna be cool older brother, Dad who likes his recliner a bit to much, and a grandfather who is always there for him (and thinks he is still in his 20s). Yes this TV series is one of my current fav’s. Reminds me so much of what it was like as a 80’s baby. Anyone who watches this show, from that era, can’t help the flash backs it will induce while you giggle at the life that may sound waaaaay to familiar to your own.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that executive producer’s Mark Firek, Doug Robinson and Seth Gordon will now be involved in a 90’s spin off of this awesome show, but it won’t star the Golberg family growing from the 80’s to the 90’s. Instead, the show will jump to a different family and star the gym teacher played by Bryan Callen, the comedian. The show will be about two high school teachers, one being Bryan Callen’s character, who becomes a father figure to the secretary of the schools three outcast kids. The show will still most likely take place in the same school we have seen in the original series of the Golbergs.

Hopefully this series makes it, as we know, some spin off’s don’t make it, and others, are better than the original. I personally would have loved to watch more of Adam growing up in the 90’s, considering he is a young boy in the 80’s and now is a teen of the 90’s (like I was). I don’t know, but that’s my opinion. ^_^


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