The Vampire Diaries SN8 E4 – An Eternity of Misery


I’ve been putting off writing this review for days.  Mostly, because I’m still pissed off.  I was so hoping that when Matt went to find Tyler where Damon said he left him that he’d find Tyler still alive and savable… Boy, was I disappointed!  And, well… pissed.  That’s why I used the photo above that was actually from last week’s episode… because I don’t want to remember Tyler dead in the trunk of a green Mustang.  I want to remember him looking alive and well … and also… HOT!  I absolutely commented to Lucy that I guess appearing as a dead body in a trunk is worth a “guest appearance by” credit in the opening.

And, I hope no one has forgotten that it was Tyler … and Tyler alone who knew where Elena’s casket was.  This could be a problem.  And, you know I mean that in the way that Everest is a hill.

Ok… so back to talking about this episode.  It’s title comes from the series premiere when Damon told Stefan, “I promised you an eternity of misery, so I’m just keeping my word.”  He’s certainly living up to that right now, isn’t he?

Joel Gretsch‘s appearance as Matt’s long lost father surprised me.  I loved him in Witches of East End!  And, did you know that he’s real life married to Captain Kirk’s real life daughter?  Sorry.  Had to geek a little there.

So in this episode we found out that Sybil has a sister.  And, surprise of all surprises, Sybil is the GOOD sister.  I know right!  That one got me too!  Up to this point, I’ve been saying that something wasn’t quite right with that intern, Georgie.  So, watching this episode I was totally thinking that Georgie was the “bad” sister…. then she said, “I’m sorry,” when locking Ric in the vault.  That’s when I said, “holy crap monkeys!  It’s Selene!”  All it took was a little apology… and that’s when I realized that Sybil had already told us.  When Ric was talking to Selene on the phone, and Sybil said, “Selene, that sounds perfectly sireny”.. or some such sh!t, I can’t remember the quote exactly, so roll with me on this one.

I’m really enjoying this bad Damon.  I’m fully aware that it makes me a terrible person when I laugh at him setting a man on fire while telling him, “I was rooting for you, I really was.”  Or even, when he tells Sheriff Dumb@ss’s dad that if he murdered his employee why doesn’t Daddy think Damon’ll kill him.  But, killing Tyler was just too much!  That’s where I drew the line.

 I’m holding out hope that we see Tyler again.  Perhaps, he’s in Cade’s World and will rescue Georgie from her fate there.  Because even though it was like time was reversed and his “curse” was undone…. there was magic at work… or well… not at work … that caused the undoing of said curse.  That doesn’t mean that he hasn’t been a very bad doggy, so he would for sure end up in Cade’s World (you should totally be saying that in your head like Wayne’s World from the movies… and following it up with Party on, Garth!  I am).

Now, I’m totally hoping that you’ve already watched the episode and completely understand what I’m talking about.  Because A) I don’t wanna have to explain it all to you (cause the jokes aren’t funny that way) and B) I didn’t wanna spoil anything for you… but, am I the only one wondering why Selene was taking such “good” care of Ric’s girls?  I mean, why didn’t she kill them long ago, instead of cutting the crust off their sandwiches and feeding them the sugary cereal?  And, why did she let Virginia St. John (aka the crazy St. John sister) stab her?  I mean, she should’ve totally been able to take the crazy woman out!  And boy, I bet Caroline is totally kicking herself in the butt for saving her…. Lord knows, I would be.

Anyway, I hope I’ve kept this review like a woman’s skirt… long enough to cover everything, but short enough to keep it interesting. (that’s totally not mine… I stole that joke from Jon Bon Jovi.)

Next week, Stefan intends to “put Damon down”…. yeah, we’ll see how that goes.  Here’s a peek…


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