Gotham S3 E9 Mad City: The Executioner

Barnes has officially lost it and pushed out a man, albeit a twisted man through a wall. Gordon is sure that Barnes did it because he was actually able to talk to the man who was pushed through the wall. Bullock doesn’t believe this could happen because he respects Barnes to deeply. I mean it makes sense he really has been so great as a captain.

Barnes is out and everyone just thinks he is tired but he is actually in an old boathouse with three men in nooses.Barnes is judge, jury, and executioner for these criminals as kicks the stools away. He truly has lost it, hasn’t he?

Ivy is at a sleazy rich man’s house, and the man wants something from her. Using her plant power she gets into his vault and then promptly knocks him out. He wakes up suddenly and slams her against a pole but she kicks him and runs.

Ed and Penguin are having breakfast and Ed is distraught because his girlfriend hasn’t called. Penguin the sneaky bastard just had her killed and he is quite proud of himself. I really hate that he did this, it is just too much. Of course seeing Isabella dressed as Kristen Kringle dead is a shock to Ed’s system. Penguin is able to hug him but it clearly is only meaningful to him.

Ivy finally tells who she is to Selina who is of course shocked. Gordon decides to do a little detective work on Barnes as he comes into his office. Barnes has crafted quite the lie to hide his crime and Gordon is clearly on edge about it. The two have a discussion in the car and Barnes is disappointed that Jim didn’t do his job fully. Barnes lies about his time with the doctor from the previous episode. He begins to show his new self and how disgusting he really thinks the city is. I have to say this mad Barnes is far more interesting than the straight laced one.

Cat has asked Bruce to come over to see the brand new Ivy. Ivy tells Cat about her new lifestyle and how she is in trouble. Bruce attempts to compliment her but the ladies both look at him in disgust. Suddenly someone is there and not for a conversation.

Gordon and Barnes go into the warehouse to take in the criminal Barnes was placing the blame for his crime on. He suddenly changes and shoots him before aiming his gun at Gordon. Have to wonder what is going to happen next and how Gordon will react.

Bruce swiftly buys Ivy’s prize and has her agree to returning it. I really thought that this was a great scene showing off that even though Ivy looked older she was still young.

Penguin is having a picture of himself painted but he is troubled by Ed’s sadness over Isabella. Ed knows he has to move on and goes off to where she died, I hope he finds out Penguin did it. Really such a terrible and cowardly move on Penguin’s part.

Gordon and Barnes are both on opposite sides of what Justice is. Infected with Alice Tetch’s blood has really unlocked what Barnes calls his true self. Barnes wants Gordon to join him in his pursuit of justice and Gordon declines.

Ed stands on the train tracks and places flowers on them after poignant and tender words for Isabella. He talks to a homeless man and finds out that Isabella screamed before the accident.

Bruce, Cat and Ivy go to return the necklace but find the man is dead. Ivy finds out Bruce and Cat are an item. Of course Cat denies it and Bruce says its true. Ah young love, how odd can you be?

The GCPD is looking for Gordon who is running away from a murderous Barnes. Bullocks enlists Lee as a medical examiner in aiding Jim. Barnes chases Gordon into another abandoned building and aims his gun at him once more.

Ed goes to find what happened to Isabella’s car and finds the brake lines were cut and he was the first to figure it out. Cue up Penguin’s theme as he heads off to tell his good buddy what happened.

Barnes is going to kill Gordon and soon the Bullock arrives with the cops. An all out brawl ensues between the two but luckily Gordon finds a gun. Barnes wants Gordon to stand down but Gordon won’t do it. Luckily Gordon shoots Barnes and incapacitates him.

Bruce and the ladies head back to his mansion and Bruce is upset with Cat. The men who tried to hunt Ivy find some hints about who she was with. Lee and Gordon talk about what happened and Gordon thanks her for her help.

Ed heads back to Penguin’s manor wanting to talk to him. Penguin unveils his painting and has included Ed in it. Ed tells him that someone murdered her by cutting the lines. His first thought is that Butch was the one who did it which lets Penguin catch his breath.

Gordon and Bullock stand before Barnes’ former office. Gordon looks in as if knowing he will sit there one day. I hope that Gordon does become commissioner but I think he can wait a little longer, he doesn’t have his mustache yet! In Arkham Barnes is trapped screaming Guilty. I have to say I am unsure if he will stay  there but for now I really enjoyed his arc. At first he bothered me but this season he became one of the best characters.

The next episode of Gotham looks even more insane as many different arcs hit high points. The episode called Time Bomb certainly looks explosive!





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