Last Man on Earth S3 E6 ‘The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths’

Old Tandy wants to be friends with Lewis and alters his apology song  because Lewis misses his partner. It turns out his partner might have been able to charter a boat and could be alive but it seems unlikely as that was three years ago.

Tandy tries to get Lewis to go with him to Seattle to see if Lewis is there. Lewis is not going to go so Tandy tases him. I honestly think its odd that so many shows nowadays use Tasers at one point in time. They head out and Tandy goes on to say he looks like Lewis’ dead partner.

Carol talks Gail into being a grandmother of sorts to her future kid. They finally arrive at Lewis’ former house and Tandy forces him to write a note to Mark. It is actually a beautiful scene watching him walk through his old house. Tandy ruins the moment and Lewis pushes him out of the house in disgust.

Carol ever the extreme woman want Gail to adopt her so she can truly be the grandmother. I really enjoy how far she goes for things she loves.

Tandy and Lewis do eat together after Lewis calms down. Tandy tries to talk Lewis into writing a note by telling him a brief story about his own past.

Melissa tries to engage in sexual intercourse with Todd through a Shawshank roleplay. Todd rebuffs her because she has clearly lost it. In Shawshank style she crawls through a hole in the wall.

Gail goes to apologize but Carol acts like a teenager who is upset with her. Gail tells Carol that she once had a son and he died which is why she won’t adopt her.

Tandy and Lewis are driving back and Lewis sings with Tandy. Tandy has given Lewis hope and it looks like these two will be friends. Tandy soon decides they have one more destination.

Carol apologizes to Gail and tells her that just misses her own mother. Carol tells Gail that she loves her like a mother and Gail loves her to, soon agreeing to adopt her.

Tandy drives back to his old family house where his brother went to die. He can’t bring himself to open the door and leaves a note. He finds his old sports ball friends and brings one along.

This episode was certainly as humorous as it was poignant and that is definitely a good thing.  I really enjoy that this show can dance the line between comedy and drama at points. Excited for the next episode “Mama’s Hideaway” where it looks like our weird group become more of a family than ever before.


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