Nintendo Switch Price Revealed?

Nintendo Switch details may be sparse at the moment, but a recent leak may have just revealed the hybrid console’s price.

According to a listing on the Canadian Toys R Us, the Switch will be retailing at $329.99 (£200 in UK currency). The listing has since been removed, but it backs up two reliable sources from the videogame retailer Game, who claimed the Switch would be priced £199.99 and that the price in other regions would be close to a direct price conversion.
Personally, I hope the listing was correct about the price. £200 seems relatively cheap for a game console, especially one that combines the handheld and home console into one device. The PlayStation 4 was £349.99 at launch, whilst the Xbox One was released at an introductory price of £429. We still don’t know the launch line-up of the Switch but presumably there will be a new Mario game of some sort (be it a New Super Mario Bros sequel or the already announced 3D Mario game). It also seems like a safe bet that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be released at some point during the console’s launch window.

More details are expected to be revealed on the 13th January 2017, during Nintendo’s Switch Presentation (set to be live streamed worldwide, time yet to be confirmed). Here’s hoping for a Mario and Sonic platformer…

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