Different Comic Con worlds

Now, being that I am just recovering from the whirl wind that is a Comic Con weekend, I thought it would be nice to write about the different types of comic cons from small ones, like that of my home town, to the bigger ones like Seattle or San Diego Con.

I figure I may start in order, from smallest to largest… I know I have not been to the bigger ones and do not travel outside much from the near by states, but I am guessing that the three I will compare will pretty much sum up Con’s around the world.


Small but satisfying:


This weekend was the Eucon, which is what we call the Eugene Comic Con here in Oregon. This baby here is small of course, and actually fairly new. Only a couple years old to be exact, debuting in November of 2015. The merchandise was great and the celebs were awesome nonetheless. (Last year we got Winston aka Ernie Hudson from the ghost busters and Bobby aka Jim Beaver from Supernatural!) The wonderful part is that its only 30$ for a weekend pass!! Yes dirt-cheap compared to others for sure. But the prices of the merchandise inside are still wallet robbery, so that’s where the rest of your bank account goes. The venue is smaller so it does not take long before you have seen everything and pretty much can be done in one day, but the guests don’t all come in one day so if you want them, you need to make it a weekend pass. This last Con had Friday and Saturday with four celebs, and Sunday was the only day you could see the fifth one. (David Anders, which I have pictures with!!) And the panels only get one room, which is a good thing I think, this way you don’t have the agony of trying to decide which panels to choose from, only one panel at a time. (YAY)



The Middle Class:


This part refers to those bigger but not quite SDCC size Con’s like the ones here in Portland, known as a Wizard World Comic Con. These are the ones you are most likely to see JDF (Jason David Frank) at. Bigger and better on the inside, more merchandise and more panels, bigger Celebs (Last year we had Matt Smith, Alex Kingston, and Arthur Darvill!!) and soooo much more to see. For one, there is more clothing merchandise, where as the Eucon, they had maybe two booths that had shirts, and only unisex shirts for that matter. The Wizard World con has a HUGE booth that not only supplies shirts, but sweaters, baby onsies, and so on. The artistry/comic book designers have a whole half of the convention unlike Eucon, which gave them a third of it, and there are lots of food carts plus a few alcohol additives should this be desired. They have interactive panels where you can either win stuff or make crafts, which are super fun, and dance parties at night. I completely loooove going to wizard world, and never miss it if possible. I plan on going again this February for sure.




Ok this is the dream Cons, the one you sell your soul for. The ones where more-popular names, who cost you about $500+ bucks to meet, subside…. This is the Seattle Emerald City Con or the SDCC… now before I go on, I get it that the SDCC is by far bigger than Emerald City, but Seattle is the one that is pretty close to awesomeness that is SDCC.   This kind takes a whole weekend or even a week to get everything done. More merchandise and more to take part of, the Celebs have you breathless (this year we have Carrie Fisher, voices of the Animaniacs, Robert England aka Fred Crueger himself, and many, many more) and are the ones where they announce new up coming TV, movies, or comics books. Your bank account better have more than $1000 dollars extra to spend because chances are, you will be throwing out that kind of doe while here. And be sure to take your anti-anxiety medications because honey, the overload is great. Now I personally get the biggest tickle-thrill when going to Wizard World, so I can’t imagine how I will be when I get to finally attend the Emerald City Con or even better yet, the SDCC… I am sure I will faint at the entrance once arriving,,, yup I will …


So there you have it,, the different sizes of cons out there. Now I know there are many different types of Cons, but this is just a rough idea of what to expect in the small to large cons out there. ^_^


(extra note, Carrie Fisher will be at Wizard World too this year, EEEEEEEEEEEK!!)


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