Luicfer SN02-EP08 “Trip To Stabby Town”


Howdy Lucifans! I hope the week is treating you all well thus far! Let’s get straight down to business, but first a quick recap of last week’s episode.


SN02-EP07 “My Little Monkey” Recap

Last week we watched as Chloe tried to track down her father’s killer, and when the prisoner convicted of murdering Chloe’s father is himself murdered, new evidence emerges and suggests that he was actually framed all those years ago. Maze tries to find herself a job but struggle to find the right fit, but eventually she finds the perfect job, Lucifer shadows Douche (Dan) in a bid to learn how to be “normal”.



SN02-EP08 “Trip To Stabby Town”

Chloe (Lauren German), Lucifer (Tom Ellis) and Dan (Kevin Alejandro) get the call and attend the case of a female victim who has been brutally stabbed to death in broad daylight, it looks to be a crime of passion and further digging reveals the she was a member of a yoga group that borders on being cult. A witness comes forward and has managed to capture on his phone, the murder in progress and instantly
Lucifer recognises the murder weapon, it’s Azrael’s (the Angel of Death) dagger. Lucifer takes Amenadiel ( D.B. Woodside) and Maze (Lesley-Anne Brandt) to Uriel’s grave in the middle of nowhere and the grave has been dug up, however, Uriel is still in there, but Azrael’s dagger is not. It’s not looking good for humanity.


Lucifer asks Ella (Aimee Garcia) for help on his own case, finding out who stole Azrael’s dagger from Uriel’s grave. Ella’s forensics leads have led Lucifer straight to Charlotte’s (Tricia Helfer) law firm, Lucifer confronts Mama dearest and she reveals she release the dagger into the world to “get her husband’s (God) attention”, and the only way to do that it to create carnage among his toys, never cross a woman scorned, the bitches be crazy! It seems Chloe is getting a little jealous, as Lucifer and Ella are spending a lot of time together on Lucifer’s case on the side. Chloe’s case crosses over with the first victim’s case when they find numerous members of the same yoga group stabbed to death, with Azrael’s dagger still embedded in one of the victim’s.


Dan takes hold of the dagger and it’s bewitched him with anger, he threatens Lucifer for ruining his marriage, career and life. Lucifer used his powers to convinces Dan not to do what the dagger wants,  Dan surprises Lucifer as he fight’s against the daggers powers, needless to say, Lucifer was a little impressed with Douche’s inner strength. In a conversation with Amenadiel and Charlotte, Amenadiel says he wants things back in their proper place with Lucifer in hell and mum in heaven, even more so now giving what has happened with Azrael’s dagger, but Charlotte says she wants her entire family back in heaven. Charlotte is up to no good, you can see it in her eyes.

Lucifer says that he despised living in hell , but the thought of living in heaven is even worse. The only place he feels understood and respected is here on Earth. Lucifer resumes his sessions with Dr Martin (Rachael Harris), after the shock of seeing Lucifer’s true face and some trivial questions such as, how Lucifer punished Hitler and her uncle, Dr Martin begins to realise that Lucifer is just as screwed up as anyone of her therapy patients; a confused individual from a dysfunctional family.

What did you think of this weeks episode Lucifans? Check out the promo for episode 9 below. 

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