Once Upon a Time SN6 E8 – I’ll Be Your Mirror


There were a lot of things to love about this episode… David and Snow coping with their curse by leaving notes, cooking breakfast, and leaving videos on each others phones… Henry being the hero this time… but most of all the touching tribute given to Robin Williams’ Genie.

Sorry, I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself.  Belle talked Aladdin into stealing the wizard’s wand from Rumple so that Zelena can open a portal to send Belle back to the Enchanted Forest to keep her and the baby safe from Rumple.  Am I the only one that’s surprised that Belle and Zelena are teaming up on this one?  I’m happy that we’re still getting to see glimpses of Aladdin and Jasmine, but I’m hoping that there’s a bigger story line involving them down the road somewhere… ya know, with Jafar and Agrabah.  Anyway, while in Gold’s store, Aladdin can’t resist also taking the Genie’s lamp.  When he shows the lamp to Jasmine afterwards, she asks if Genie is inside.  Aladdin says that no, his old friend is “free now” and moved on to “another world”.  Jasmine and Aladdin agree that there was no one quite like Genie.  I had tears stinging my eyes.  It was a very touching tribute to the man and the character.  Because, no… we’ll never have another Robin Williams.  He was one of a kind.

While coping with the curse, Snow realizes that The Evil Queen has been watching her and David through the mirror.  That gives Regina the idea to trap EQ in a mirror.  Regina and Emma use Henry as bait to get EQ in the mirror, but end up getting sucked into it themselves.  It takes a bit for Hook and Henry to realize that it’s EQ pretending to be Regina and that Emma didn’t really go in search of The Dragon to try and break the curse on her parents.  OH YEAH!  I almost forgot ….. WE GOT THE DRAGON AGAIN!  He was an awesome sight… even if EQ has his heart and therefore can control him.  EQ forces The Dragon to try and kill Regina and Emma, but Henry saves the day.

I loved the scene when Henry has just finished getting a pep talk from EQ pretending to be Regina at the mirror in Granny’s, and he walks away to meet Violet.  You think he bought that crap that EQ was selling, then he bravely coaches Violet into coming up with a reason for them to leave.  Henry is growing up to be quite the heroic and ingenious young man….but then he is The Savior’s son.

Henry wasn’t the only one to figure out that EQ wasn’t really Regina.  Hook confronted her and asked what she’d done with Emma and Regina…. let’s just say that didn’t end well for Captain Guyliner.  But, I’m sure that he’ll be fine when the show returns on the 27th.  Well, at least he better be or I’ll pull out my supply of torches and pitchforks.  (But he is fine, because he’s in the scenes for the next episode *smirk*)

Now, as I said, the show is taking a week off, and will return on the 27th… that’s when we get to see just how evil Rumple can get.  I can’t wait.  Here, have a look….



  1. Kind of getting tired of Rumble tbh.

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