Teen Wolf is Back! Season 6 Episode 1: Memory Lost


Teen Wolf returned with its sixth and final season Tuesday night with the thrilling episode Memory Lost.  It starts off with a bang as Liam and Hayden encounter Alex, a little boy whose parents have mysteriously disappeared.  The team investigates the incident and Stiles and Lydia discover that the Wild Hunt has come to Beacon Hills.  This is a completely new threat as these horsemen are not out for blood; they’re searching for souls to steal away.  Once someone is in the sights of the Wild Hunt, every memory the world has of them is slowly stripped away, until they no longer exist.

The Wild Hunt has its eyes set on Stiles.


From the trailers released months ago, we knew this was coming but we didn’t know it was coming this soon.  Stiles is seen by the Wild Hunt pretty early on in the episode, and by the end he is taken after a heart wrenching scene with Lydia.  That last line… “Remember I love you.”  As a hardcore Stydia shipper, I was fighting back the tears. Everyone has forgotten him.  Remember that heart wrenching scene from the trailer with his father?  Yeah didn’t expect that in the first episode!  A lot goes down in this first episode and we’re all left wondering what the rest of the season will have in store.  As the final season, I’m sure it will be intense!

Check out the sneak peek of what this season has in store! [hint: There seems to be a lot of blood and gore.  And who is the new hottie teacher guy?!]


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