Arrow SN5 E7 -Vigilante

Welcome back to your weekly recap of our favourite Star City vigilante, the Green Arrow, as he tries to save his city . Today’s episode is Episode 7 of Season 5, titled Vigilante.

– Flashback –

Kovar sits at the head of a long wooden table, Oliver seated on the other end. Blood stains his shirt in spots and he seems disoriented. Kovar introduces Oliver to Galina, his servant, who is actually Taiana’s mother. Kovar launches into a speech about how he has been working with the Bratva all along, how Oliver, an American, could never truly be a Bratva. Oliver doesn’t believe him, holding a knife to Kovar’s throat, trying to escape the house, but he doesn’t make it far. Kovar tells his men not to interfere as he beats Oliver repeatedly, Olie throws in some punches too. Eventually the Bratva show up and Kovar hands Olie over.

– Present –

A new vigilante begins a killing spree in Star City, this time it’s definitely not Prometheus. The vigilante targets criminals leaving their dead bodies outside the police station.

Quentin comes to Thea’s office, handing her his letter of resignation before leaving. She tracks him down later to his apartment, trying to find an explanation. Quentin confides in her about his drunken blackouts, the cut in his arm and the throwing star he discovered, but he believes himself to be set up. Thea drives him to a rehab facility, hoping he gets better, he admits himself.

Meanwhile Team Arrow deals with a bank robbery, but when they arrive one of the robbers has already been shot. The vigilante has already struck and Eric Dunn, the robbers’ leader, escapes. Later on in the day, Adrian intimidates on of the robbers into revealing Dunn’s location. Thankfully Mayor Queen is present, and gets to Dunn’s location before the Vigilante can kill him.

The team decides to pose as bank robbers in order to lure the Vigilante out. Unfortunately the Vigilante scouts the outside of the building out first, finding Artemis and knocking her out. He threatens to kill Curtis unless the Green Arrow show himself. The two of them battle it out, with Oliver managing to tie him up with a rope arrow. Just when Oliver is reaching to unmask Vigilante, a flash-bang goes off blinding everyone, Vigilante escapes.

Thea meets up with Olie, telling him about how Quentin has been framed as Prometheus. They realize Prometheus is framing Quentin because he knows the Green Arrow’s identity.

Evelyn gazes out into the city from a rooftop ledge, behind her Prometheus stands. She turns around and has a lovely chat about Team Arrow suspecting nothing. Looks like we know who’s helping Prometheus set up Quentin and why she, out of all six members of the team, had her mark targeted by Prometheus.

– Next week on Arrow –

*Fangirl screaming* next, next week begins the crossover to end all crossovers. Starting with Supergirl on November 28th, then The Flash on November 29th, followed by Arrow on November 30th, and concluding with Legends of Tomorrow on December 1st. Here’s the trailer for the 4-night crossover called ‘Invasion.’


Jessica is Skatronixxx’s episode recapper for Flash, Arrow, Game of Thrones and Shadowhunters. Geek by day, long-lost grandaughter of Ezio by night, follow her on Twitter @SohoDoll


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