Nerdy Craft Corner with Brenda: TARDIS night light

Are you afraid of the dark? Do you love Doctor Who? Ya, me to. So here is the opportunity to have the Doctor help you with your nighttime fear, lets build a TARDIS nightlight.

Below is a video done by a man named James Chats, who recently (according to the video that was published just over a year ago) found a new love in the ways of the Doctor. This video is pretty descriptive and easy to follow for the most part. There is some rescaling of the measurements should you go the same route as him and find an exact blue print of a life sized TARDIS (which you can then try to build at another time).


The things you will need are:

Exacto knife

Hot glue

Elmers regular glue

Tardis blue print with actual dimensions

Foam board

light of your choice

Ruler and protractor


Blue and white paint

Tin foil

Plastic you can cut easily

Extra paper (colored would be nice)

And some patience


beautyplus_20160925102305_fastEnjoy my friends!! ^_^





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