Stan Against Evil: S1 Ep2 “Know, Know, Know Your Goat”

Back in Ep1 of Stan Against Evil, we met the TV series’ main characters.

  • Stan, the forcefully retired, ornery ex-Sheriff of Willard’s Mill
  • Denise, his weird and high-pitched daughter who still lives at home with him
  • Sheriff Evie Barret, the newly appointed Sheriff of Willard’s Mill

In the first episode, we find out that all of the former sheriffs of Willard’s Mill have been  murdered due to a curse dating back to the Salem Witch Trials. Stan is the only sheriff who was never killed. He also thought the whole time it was he who was keeping the town safe. After his wife passes away, he finds out that things weren’t as he thought…

“Know, Know, Know Your Goat”

Willard’s Mill, 1950’s

The episode opens with a flashback. An old farmer is reading the paper when he suddenly sees himself waving at…himself. Of course, he freaks. When he looks again, he’s relieved to see it’s just a goat, but it’s acting very strange. VERY strange…



Sheriff Barret is getting into her normal routine of patrolling the city. One morning she comes across a DoomsDay-er (you know, those people who stand on the corners screaming about the Apocalypse and End of Days). Barret tells him to move along. He’s offended and tells her Stan never made him stop.

As he’s leaving, Barret notices that he’s wearing a necklace with a crossed pitchfork and spade. It’s the same thing she saw at Stan’s house. Apparently, Stan’s wife gave the bum the necklace.

Intrigued, Barret heads over to Stan’s house. Stan has just gotten through complaining about the crappy quality of TV shows today when Barrett arrives. She asks about the Bum/Crazy DoomsDay-er. Stan knows him well.

As they talk, Barret spots the pitchfork and spade hanging in Stan’s kitchen. She asks Denise about them and finds out they had something to do with Denise’s Mom and her witchcraft.

When Denise and Stan aren’t looking, Sheriff Barret grabs them and leaves.

Meanwhile, Denise, who’s getting weirder and harder to figure out, decides to go blueberry picking in the forest by herself. As she’s talking and singing to herself in her nasal, Betty Boop voice she comes across the cute little goat from the beginning of the episode.


Naturally, because she’s wacko, she befriends it and decides to take it home.

While that’s going on, Sheriff Barret decides to find the DoomsDay-er to find out more about what the crossed pitchfork and spade means.

Deputy Drinkwater tells her the guys name is Raymond Taft and no one takes him seriously. Barret heads to Taft’s shack. When she questions him about the pitchfork and spade, he freaks out but tells her that Stan’s wife was the one who told him all about the curse, the witches, and the demon in Willard’s Mill. That’s what he’s screaming about every day, but no one cares to listen.

He also tells Barret the goat is really the demon Baphomet (the horned goat thingy that we associate with devil worshipers. See the photo). We find out that Baphomet is a demon trickster and that he’s come to fulfill the curse and kill Stan and Sheriff Barret.


The Sheriff is about to leave to warn Stan when Raymond Taft knocks her out, grabs the pitchfork and spade, and then steals her car. When she comes to, she realizes what’s happened and has to commandeer a citizen’s truck. Naturally, he complains that Stan never did that.

Over at Stan’s house, Denise has just arrived with her new friend (and her bucket of blueberries). When Stan goes to the door to meet the goat, he annoyed to find that it’s actually Baphomet who’s standing there.

Stan goes into demon fighting survival mode.

But the demon uses his powers to get into the house and knock Stan out. Denise revives him a few short minutes later and as Stan assesses the situation they find that it’s dark outside, even though it’s only 4:00 PM.

In Stan’s typical ornery, old man logic he reasons that Baphomet has trapped them inside the house and that he’s going to have to fight the demon off like it’s the ending of Jaws.

He comes up with a clever way to make a bomb and goes outside to fight Baphomet. Just like in Jaws, Stan throws the bomb and tries to blow it up when it sticks, but the bomb doesn’t work.

As he desperately (comically) fights Baphomet off, Raymond Taft shows up with the pitchfork and spade. Barret is close behind.


While they fight over who’s going to get to be the main character from Jaws (like we did when we were re-enacting scenes from Star Wars when we were kids) Barret tries to blow the bomb up again. It still doesn’t work.

Just as it looks really bad for Stan, crazy/weird/high-pitched Denise comes out of nowhere and stabs Baphomet with the wooden pitchfork and spade. Finally, on the third attempt, we get the blood and guts explosion we’ve been waiting for since the first Jaws reference.


Later, as Stan is hanging the pitchfork and spade back in his kitchen, they realize they’ve forgotten about something or someone…


Deven B likes TV, sci-fi, and eating. Finally, he’s found a job where he gets to combine all three. Follow him at @DevenBhagwandin.



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