The Beat Goes on and on with DannyFinnz: Lucha Underground: New Star in Womens Revolutions Sexy Star NEW LU HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP!!!



Greetings to all of my fellow wrestling geeks. Normally I would be giving you the recap of LU. I wanted to this a little different because I feel it deserves so. Last night at Aztec Warfare 3, Sexy Star wonthe LuchaUnderground Heavyweight Chapionship.

This makes Sexy Star the first female to win the title of titles. Chyna was at the top of that heap winning the WWE  IC Title. Sasha Banks and Charlotte main evented HIAC. LU took it to the zenith, nirvana as Star is the first to hold the hightest championship belt in male competition.

LU has already been taking their own steps towards the womens revolition in wrestling, having women compete against men in the ring. Ivellise make this clear in an interview with Forbes. 

Star entering athe number 12, defeating 19 other luchedores to become world champion. This seemed unlikely, as Mantanza began to lay waste to the other luchadoresand World Wide Undergroud teaming up to improve their odds for  Johnny Mundo winning the belt.

The odds began to go Stars way, as Rey Mysterio eliminated Mantanza and The Mack caming in to even the odds, battling with Star against Mundo and company. In a great match ( I will give a recap,) Sexy Star back against the wall with WWU. Agélico returns, flies in from the heavens to event the with a cross body towards WWU aiding Star with the pin on Mundo. Down the final three Mil Muertes, The Mack, and Sexy Star.

 Muertes gives The Mack a Flatliner for the three count. Star seemed to be in grave danger as Mil Muertes began to pummel Star. Star relying on her speed and heart battled back, knocking Muertes off the top rope as he attempted a Flatliner. Mil falls through the table, and Star landa the Double Stomp off the ropes for the victory and history. 

As I stated earlier, I will give the full recap of Aztec Warfare 3 promise I was compelled to give this news first because it is pro wrestling history being reshaped.

For all TNA & Lucha Underground news and reviews with Danny Finnz ’cause the Beat goes on and on…


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