The Flash SN3 E6 – Shade

Welcome back to your weekly recap of our favourite Central City speedster, Barry Allen, as he fights crime and other metahumans. Today’s episode is Episode 6 of Season 3, titled Shade.

Cecil tells Barry that he’s now needed full-time to work on meta human cases, to which Julian doesn’t object. Wally wakes from yet another dream, in which he’s the Kid Flash, saving lives in Flashpoint. He finally talks to Joe, Iris and Barry about it, but Barry warns him about what happened to Wally during his Flashpoint life. Wally takes their concern as special treatment to Barry and distrust towards himself, storming out of the house.

A metahuman that appears out of shadow begins terrorising the city, murdering a stockbroker in the evening. H.R. nicknames the meta “Shade” and suggests that his powers might manifest in the same way in which Cisco’s do: vibrating on a different sequence. Cisco uses his tech-savvy skills to change images of Shade’s shadow form into human form.

Caitlin steals Cisco’s meta-dampening handcuffs, hoping they’ll prevent her from becoming Killer Frost. Cisco accuses H.R. later of going through his stuff and stealing his power cuffs, but H.R. defends himself saying, “I haven’t met anyone yet, even why I do meet them it’s gonna take a while  to get to the cuff stage.” (I’m crying of laughter here.) Later on, when Cisco and Caitlin are alone she reveals to him that she stole his cuffs because she’s got powers, and she needs Cisco to “vibe” her to know if she becomes Killer Frost. Cisco vibes her and sees himself fighting her, all out Vibe v. Killer Frost.

Alchemy begins summoning Wally to him in front of Joe, who brings him to S.T.A.R. Labs to get looked at. H.R. suggests locking Wally up for the time being, so Alchemy can’t get to him. Wally agrees, staying with Iris and Barry while the rest of the team go out for a movie night. Just as the movie starts, Shade strikes again, causing Barry and the rest of the team to go Team Flash mode, cuffing him with the power dampening cuffs. Meanwhile back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Alchemy tries summoning Wally again, much to Iris’ horror. He begs and begs Iris to open his cell, which she finally does, but he pushes her aside telling her to stay out of his way. She refuses and Wally swings at her, but she dodges and knocks him unconscious.

The team regroup at the lab and Cisco discloses that Caitlin is a meta, to which Caitlin feels betrayed and storms off. Barry finds her later and apologises, confessing that her powers likely came from him creating Flashpoint. Wally comes up with a plan, or rather invites himself to Alchemy’s lair. He leads the Flash, Joe and a S.W.A.T. team to Alchemy’s abandoned subway building, but Alchemy is not alone.

A fight ensues and things are looking up for Team Flash, but then another speedster appears. Running so fast we only see a blur of white light, it turns out no one else but Barry can see him. The speedster takes out the entire S.W.A.T. team, leaving Barry and the speedster to a showdown of speed. With Barry and Joe distracted, Wally gets seduced but the power of the dark side. I mean by Alchemy saying, “Wallace, Wallace touch my rock,” so he picks up Alchemy’s energy crystal, which encases Wally in a cocoon, similar to the other metas Alchemy turned. Joe watches with horror as the invisible speedster picks up Barry, pinning him high against a wall. “Who are you?” The Flash asks. “Savitar, the God of Speed,” it answers. Savitar’s blade shines as he prepares to stab Barry.

Next week on The Flash

Is it just me or does Savitar look like a mix between a Transformer and Sauron from LOTR?  What did you think of Shade? As for next week’s episode —poor Caitlin, I hope she doesn’t end up imprisoned. Until next time, “Run Barry, run!”



Jessica is Skatronixxx’s episode recapper for Flash, Arrow, Game of Thrones and Shadowhunters. Geek by day, long-lost grandaughter of Ezio by night, follow her on Twitter @SohoDoll.


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