Daredevil Ep. 21 “Guilty as Sin” Review


After Elektra is wounded in battle, Matt is greeted by Stick: Just as he was previously, Scott Glenn is on point as the sardonic, blunt-talking trainer. He has a great moment where he tells the story of the hand in a moment that is quite foreboding. The episode begins with a downright gruesome scene of Matt and Stick trying to heal Elektra’s wounds. The fast-paced editing creates the frantic pace needed while Elodie Yung bellows in agony, selling the agony her character would be in.

This episode is one of Elektra’s best as she is coping with her duality – she wants to be with Matt permanently, but Stick reminds her that she is permanently attached to her lifestyle. The episode features an intense between out-of-costume Matt Murdock against an assassin. The assassin wounds Murdock, but he gains the upperhand. While trying to interrogate the would-be assassin, Matt grows a soft spot upon realizing how young he is. However, Elektra slits his throat, solidifying who she really is.

The main plot of this episode continues the story of Nelson & Murdock trying to defend Castle in court. The evidence is piling up against Frank, his sanity is coming into question, and the trial is becoming more of a spectacle with people speaking out in court. Foggy and Karen believe that putting Castle on the stand and letting the jury see his mental condition will save him. However, problems are arising when Karen finds Elektra in his apartment, complicating the trial.

The highlight of the episode comes when Matt is trying to give a defense of the Punisher saying the city is under such disarray, it needs vigilantes and Castle couldn’t help himself because of his mental condition. This would have been a solid moment on its own, but what puts it over the top is Castle’s reaction. After sitting calmly, Castle reveals he dislikes the insinuation that he is insane before going ballistic and revealing that he knew what was doing, loved doing and would do it again if he had the chance. This intense and frightening moment is one of Bernthal’s best moments as the Punisher.

There have been plenty of action-light or Daredevil-light episodes (There are action scenes, but Murdock only appears as Daredevil at the beginning of the episode), and in that category this is one of the better episodes. Everything worked in showing the pain and frustration these characters are going through and how everything is tying together. Plus, the episode ends with the return of Kingpin. So that’s a plus.


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